A chocolate month……sweet?!

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February is a lovely month because it is the shortest month of year……..

You know I didn’t mean that.

February is lovely because sweet smell around, because loves overflow. 

Will be Feb soon.  Are you excited?  Are you nervous? 

If most people do, should I double the excitement? 

Other than New Year, we have two Valentine’s Day as well.  The Chinese one is the 15th day of First Moon.  i.e.  Feb 6 in 2012.  A few days later, it will be Feb 14. 

What you want to do in these Valentine’s day?  Are you going to date two different lovers?  😛 

Hope you get what you want.  Sweet February xx




Sure most of you love kissing. 

Morning Kiss  : sweet day ahead.

Goodbye kiss : longing for kisses again. 

Goodnight kiss : sweet dreams

Which one you like most? 

Big X



Do you have dreams?

Are they clear enough?

Or vanished once you woke up?

When is the best time to chase dreams?







Or never too late to start?!

Never too late to share?!

Kung Hei Fat Choy!

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon!

CNY is a bit early than usual.  Normally, it will be in Feb.  But it’s in Jan this year.  So celebrations in a roll.  Who doesn’t love holiday and celebrations?

This year is the Year of the Dragon.  Dragon is a symbol of king.  According to metaphysics, people who were born in the Year of the Dragon have power, and relatively easy life.  So many couples are rushing for a Dragon baby 🙂

Spirit of CNY is family reunion.  So lots of time with family from New Year Eve.  Of course, lot of good food apart from quality family time.  See the bottom left photo. It is “Poon Choi”  It places food with good symbolic meaning, normally good wealth and health, in a big pot.   All food served together. 

Can’t miss red packets.  See the cartoon red packet envelopes?  Nice and modern one.

I do have great time with family though cold and rainy these days.  

Wish you all a wonderful Chinese New Year.  Have a fruitful, wealthy and healthy New Year with loves.

Kung Hei Fat Choy!  Please don’t forget my red packets lol

Closer or not?


Did technology bring us closer?

It do make the world smaller. Easier to stay in touch with people over the world.  No need to ask Santa to help, no need to have pigeons, no need to go to post office.  What we need is computer or smartphone. 

Technology do make the world smaller.  But not sure if it bring people closer.

Top three birthday wishes I got from this year

The winner, well guess most of you can tell……………………… “Facebook”!  You don’t need to remember others birthday.  Just have to login and a list of birthday boys and girls on that date will be there.  You don’t even need to go to that birthday person’s page to leave a message.  I got birthday wishes, photos and videos and self made video there.  Cool.

The first runner up. Right.  You got it again.  It’s “What’sApp”.  Thanks for those staying up and sent me birthday wishes at mid night.  And thanks for the birthday song there.  I do love it. 

The second runner up.  Phone calls.   I seldom got calls.  Well, those from clients and those advertising one don’t count.  I almost forgot how to talk over the phone.   Is there anything wrong with me?  But birthday wishes through phone calls do get merits.

Apart from calls, I got something warm and nice.  Beautiful birthday cards.   Can feel hearts there.  Thanks for my dears. 

The world is smaller but people are not as close as in the past.  Seldom have direct or “real” interaction.  Everything is virtual and cold.

Do you miss real hugs and kisses instead of xoxo?





a megan-fox-ads-for-emporio-armani-underwear-armani-jeans2 

Am I crazy?! 

Guess I am.

I have a lot already.  And not everyone can see it. Well, might be my neighbors would see it if I hang it near the windows after laundry……………….

But why I still bought four sets at one time?

Flora prints with pink lace.  Look so fancy and innocent.  Feel like spring.

Black with shocking green strips.  Like fresh leaves in spring.  Comfortable and energetic.

Purple with small white dots and lace butterfly knot.  hmm. wanted to open the gift in autumn?

Black one with purple lace.  Elegant and sexy.  Just like mystery winter. 

Well, I bought all of it!!!! For what?  hmm.. to celebrate my birthday?  To celebrate Chinese New Year?  Whatever.  Will have new one four days in a row lol

But like underwear in a set.   Though the little panties costs half price of bra with much less cloth 😛

Do you like underwear in a set?  Or you like mix and match? Or you don’t like any underwear at all?  😛