drinks between two or three?


Planned to have drinks with a friend I had met twice tomorrow night.

Tonight he asked if his friend could join the drinks.  As she would be hanging around and wanted to tag along.  Totally fine to me till he said his friend knew that he likes me.  And he had told her we were going to have a date tomorrow.

Hang on, hang on.  What?  Your friend wanted to join your date?!

I told my friend I would never bother if I knew my was going to have a date.  Unless they were a stable couple and they invited me.  OR I was jealous and wanted to spoil the date………….. I bet with my friend, his female friend is interested in him and that’s why she wanted to join the drinks.    Am I the only devil who has such kind of evil thought?  lol  Well, that’s the first thing came into my mind.  Or it’s the other way round?  My friend wanted me to make his female friend jealous?  haha I don’t know.

Besides, I had told my friend if his female friend was fierce to me, I would leave earlier and leave all of him to her.  Then he shouldn’t ask why and just paid the bill 😛

Let’s stay tune.

colouring your face………


Guess most girls have more than enough eyeshadows home.

For me it just likes shoes.  Can’t refrain from temptation though I knew I have two feet only lol

And I was so tempted by this one


It’s amazing or scary?  haha  Well, it’s more than eyeshadows but for cheeks and lips as well.  Looks like you got all the colours you needed there.

But I got problems in applying eyeshadows.  I don’t know the rules.  There are always at least three colour in a palette.  So where to put those colour to make my eyes looks charming?


Darker colour near eyes?  Or lighter colour?  haha  I am really confusing

Glad to find this one…….


It’s clear and easy now.  Happy to find instruction at the back of palette.

Will choose intense “not that shy” colour for weekend.

Have a good weekend all!

French kisses

Was bit excited in the first time meet up.  Not sure if he could recognise me….

We didn’t have a good start.  We had several fights when chatting online

But as he had a few days here for work… didn’t want to miss the chance….. 

We met after 2230 as I had night shift.  He was waiting when I arrived.  

I asked if he was waiting for someone.  Just to lessen the tension if any…..

He asked if I wanted money and threw a coin on the ground.  I was shocked though I knew he was joking.  Well, didn’t like it.  

Wanted to have a drink in Lan Kwai Fong as it was late.  But he said too noisy there………. Well, ok.  He was the guest here.  

Turn out we went to McCafe…….



haha I had never thought we would have drinks here…….

I couldn’t leave my iPhone.  So the first thing he did was put my phone aside.  Alright.  Actually, I should do that to be respect.  My fault.  Sorry.

Our chats were special.  He told me how much he didn’t like Hong Kong.  Hong Kong girls are arrogant.  I understood he didn’t like noisy and crowded place.  But how arrogant is girls here?  I didn’t see his point.  Might be I am one of them.  

Then he quoted some examples in Hong Kong and Taiwan.  Examples of people being cold hearted and ignorance etc……

Also, he didn’t want to have many friends.  As friends are supposed to help each others.   He was busy enough.  So just wanted to keep a few best friends around.  

I was not really interested in those topics though I did feel he was “special”.   

He didn’t want to let me go.  Kept asking if I would bring him home……..

I tried to send him to a bus stop and made sure he could find his way home.   He pulled me to an alley and gave me “French kisses”  Well, he is a French.  What I felt was his tongue only.  A thirsty tongue.   He never gave up.  Asking why not bringing him home or going to a motel.  haha I told him Hong Kong girls are not easy.  And I have never brought strangers home.  

That’s not my first time kissing with French but I had no nice experiences……… might be I should meet more French and have a better grounded statistics?  lol  Kidding.  

Anyway, a not so good adventure……

Hoping a nicer one is coming hehe

Enjoy the rest of week all.