Good morning


How to start a weekend?

Sleep in

Laying on bed and no rush to get up

Enjoy the aroma of brewing coffee

Take it slowly with a bear….

What a wonderful start for me….




Seldom cook.

Less fun when cooking for myself.

Less delicious when eating by myself

But when your ankle is twisted.  You can’t go anywhere but stuck home

How to kill time?

It’s bad to say so right?  We should treasure every second…..

But it’s frustrated you can’t do what you want to do……

Well, cooking pancakes is more than killing time or feeding myself or catering my sweet tooth

It’s full of memories…

Memories of a guy coming far away and keeping his promise of cooking pancakes for me…….

Sweet or bitter?



too much thoughts in my mind?

missed a step…..

heard a “crack” sound and felt so painful.  even couldn’t stand up.

no more thunder buddy around

luckily, no bones broken

luckily, didn’t wear socks with holes

luckily, have bears comfort me home.


Is that the end?


I told him, he can never be my “thunder buddy”

Then, he asked if I want to stay in touch or just leave the conversation…..

Actually, I didn’t mean a break up.

I was laughing at those young people, who broke just via sending messages.

Well, I need a face to face one to make it seriously.  Or at least a video one…

But NOW….

Leave it.  I don’t want to explain

Love could come and go so easily?  Just like a blow of wind….