Second thought


I don’t have any religion believe.

But went there for peace.  So quiet there.  Feel like all troubles have been shut outside.

No air con but fans only, still cool enough

Keep uttering something in my heart.  Not sure if anyone heard.

Suddenly noticed a lady is sleeping there.  Oh no, not showing the least respect.  That’s what came into my mind.

Don’t you agree?

However, another thought flied in my mind, church is a place opens for everyone, for everyone in need.  Everyone goes there with different purposes.

I was too narrow minded.  Glad can see same thing in different point of view, different perspective.

Thank you for who brings me there.  Thank you for who let me in.

Time to say goodbye!

IMG_8650Just realise it’s still there.  Might be I stuck in 2018 subconsciously.  Might be I love those beaches on the calendar.  Might be I really treasure that friendship.  Might be just because I am lazy.  Might be ton of possibilities.

But it’s time to say goodbye.  Everything in 2018 except loves and friendships which will be lasting forever, which will be in my heart always.

Bye Bye 2018.  Welcome 2019.

Am I old fashion?

Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 9.25.42 PM

I really didn’t realized, it’s out dated.  Till one day my boss asked me in a very annoying tone after reading my email and said why there is two spacing after a full stop.  He said how ugly it looks.  I told him always two spacing after a full stop and one spacing after other punctuations.  He thinks what I said is ridiculous.  I didn’t argue with him as he is my boss.  I was confused ….. well, I am confused even now!

Then I asked opinion of a friend who is an editor.  He told me I am an “old” lady.  No one uses two spacing nowadays .  Even it is true, no need to be so angry right?

What a big deal?  I still not understand.  Anyone wants to kill me?  I am using two spacing after a full stop!

never learn


I miss you, I do.

But I hate you at the same time.

I hate myself missing you even more.

Not the first time suffering from such pain.   Do you know how terrible I felt when you told me you are involved with other women.  Can’t give any commitments.  It was a beautiful day, sun after raining but I felt cold and lonely.

Who told me we are lovers?!

When will I learn from the past?  When will I get smarter?  When can I let you go?

Am I blind?  Am I love being tortured?

Pooh’s philosophy


Who loves this poster as much as me?

I love it not only because Pooh is there, not only because they are on the beach, not only because the sunshine, it’s because Pooh’s philosophy.

“Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing.”  When was last time you did nothing?  Could you share how you feel?

Actually, doing nothing is doing something.  It’s meaningful, it’s necessary.

Love you Pooh.

Holiday starts


You said will have holiday with me.  So I didn’t plan anything till you said you couldn’t make it with me three weeks ago.  I was mad and feeling hurt.

Was thinking to have a short trip myself but I was not in a mood and I don’t have much money.  Better save money for a longer trip later.  So…….. lazy me have planned nothing and decided to have a “flexible” holiday home.

Had spent the first day with parents though an afternoon and early happy dinner only.   Felt lot of loves.   They nourished my holiday.

Today, slept in, my most favourite activity during holiday.  Then checked out job market on line.  Yes, still want to find a new job.  I know I am too old to find a new job.  I believe I might find one if I tried but it would never happen if I don’t!

Reading a book written by a Taiwanese at night.   The tile is something like “Just enjoy every day”.  All old stories and situations but written in a relaxing way.  Such as being single is not scary.  It’s a matter of choice.   Love will come when you know how to love yourself.  I got that book from a neighbour who I don’t know in person.  It makes me treasure it more.

I think my holiday started quite good.  The rest of it should be __________________

Let’s see.