Miss me not?

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“Whenever you check the weather, you will remember me.”

That’s what you said when giving the storm glass to me.

I miss you much.  But

You miss me

You miss me NOT

You miss me

You miss me NOT

You miss me

You miss me NOT……


First date


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Get the girl in bed?!

Was that what you expected on first date?

You sat closer and closer

Eyes fixing on my lips

Put your hands deliberately on my waist

Don’t tell me you were trying to be cute but not a lecher……

Thanks for trying to behave

Just a few wet kisses……

I had a funny lunch though


what a waste!


That’s what I did in Christmas Day.  Was too weak to leave my bed…….Hammer hitting my head and was freezing even under the blanket and next to my teddy bear.

And today …… a bit better.  Took a walk to supermarket.  Bought some dinner……


Something simple and I like much…..

But all throwing up after an hour……

What a waste……


over thought


was worrying about who should I spend the holidays

a) a guy came visiting for me

b) a buddy who is having holiday here

c) a guy just met for months and went well

Turn out I thought too much.  a) can’t be here as the working permit is still in progress; b) changed his holiday plans c) accepted the relocation offer in sudden.

What a surprise.

Never and no need to think too much….

Just seize the moment…….

Happy holidays all.

I am not alone


It has been awhile after tearing ankle ligament.  Walking with stick became usual to me.

Yesterday, trying to walk around without the walk stick.  Felt a bit scary, felt a bit insecure lol

Wish could have someone holding my hand…..

Took a rest in between.  Love sitting under the sun.  So warm and cheerful

Suddenly a puppy came to me and sniffed my ankle.  Was him Dr. Puppy?  But he left without telling me anything….

Well, happy to feel a bit caring though

Thank You!