Time do help


Let it go

Erase from your memories……

Who said you can’t do that?

Time helps

It will be gone without a trace

Found this little note when trashing stuff in drawer

But it means nothing to me now……


Free lunch? no. never


I have something old but function very well.  Tried to donate.  Thought it’s better than just trash it.  So I checked with that charity group to see if they were interested in.  Got a reply very quick.

“as we collect and only redistribute to the underprivileged community without reselling any pieces for profitable gain, and we hire trucks, driver, labours to operate, do you mind us asking a couple hundred dollars collection fee to cover the operation costs (half for the logistics, tolls & parkings, and half for the labour etc)?”

So you donate stuff under that condition you have to collection fee as well but the collection fee is much more expensive than calling a van for delivery.    I don’t like that bundle.   And I don’t like that group now.