Closer or not?


Did technology bring us closer?

It do make the world smaller. Easier to stay in touch with people over the world.  No need to ask Santa to help, no need to have pigeons, no need to go to post office.  What we need is computer or smartphone. 

Technology do make the world smaller.  But not sure if it bring people closer.

Top three birthday wishes I got from this year

The winner, well guess most of you can tell……………………… “Facebook”!  You don’t need to remember others birthday.  Just have to login and a list of birthday boys and girls on that date will be there.  You don’t even need to go to that birthday person’s page to leave a message.  I got birthday wishes, photos and videos and self made video there.  Cool.

The first runner up. Right.  You got it again.  It’s “What’sApp”.  Thanks for those staying up and sent me birthday wishes at mid night.  And thanks for the birthday song there.  I do love it. 

The second runner up.  Phone calls.   I seldom got calls.  Well, those from clients and those advertising one don’t count.  I almost forgot how to talk over the phone.   Is there anything wrong with me?  But birthday wishes through phone calls do get merits.

Apart from calls, I got something warm and nice.  Beautiful birthday cards.   Can feel hearts there.  Thanks for my dears. 

The world is smaller but people are not as close as in the past.  Seldom have direct or “real” interaction.  Everything is virtual and cold.

Do you miss real hugs and kisses instead of xoxo?





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