a megan-fox-ads-for-emporio-armani-underwear-armani-jeans2 

Am I crazy?! 

Guess I am.

I have a lot already.  And not everyone can see it. Well, might be my neighbors would see it if I hang it near the windows after laundry……………….

But why I still bought four sets at one time?

Flora prints with pink lace.  Look so fancy and innocent.  Feel like spring.

Black with shocking green strips.  Like fresh leaves in spring.  Comfortable and energetic.

Purple with small white dots and lace butterfly knot.  hmm. wanted to open the gift in autumn?

Black one with purple lace.  Elegant and sexy.  Just like mystery winter. 

Well, I bought all of it!!!! For what?  hmm.. to celebrate my birthday?  To celebrate Chinese New Year?  Whatever.  Will have new one four days in a row lol

But like underwear in a set.   Though the little panties costs half price of bra with much less cloth 😛

Do you like underwear in a set?  Or you like mix and match? Or you don’t like any underwear at all?  😛


21 thoughts on “underwear

  1. funny how women will talk about buying bras and panties.  guys dont do this  lol   i think itis great you have something sexy under your outerwear if it makes you feel better.  besides…for us guys it makes it fun to take them off of you.  

  2. @MichellelyNg – hahahah…i knew you would say something like that. i really meant talking about underwear.  :p    and i have no problem going and buying underwear for an SO…if i had an SO.  and yes i have been in VS, by myself.  lol

  3. @MichellelyNg – heheheheh, there for a short spell I was part of an always over guest with a friend so often his wife got mad one night when i needed new skivvies and swiped my cart and promptly selected whatever i needed- reasoning if she had to every see me in them she’d get a better view..  I really enjoyed reminding her of thaton an outting before her 3rd relationship was blooming  .  it’s always nice to have the goods on people. 😀 heheheheh

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