an unforgettable first date


Not sure if he was serious to meet

No messages till I finished work…..

Scared by my cold?

Got his text and call when I was walking to pier home

A conference call made him late

Met finally.  He was waiting for me as I was lost.  Went to a wrong place.  Silly me.

He booked a table in a lovely roof top restaurant.

Was a lovely night with good wine

We had long goodbye kisses … for 15 mins?  Couldn’t remember time but dizzy only

And two days later, he suffered from cold

Felt so guilty but sure he wouldn’t forget our first date though not in a good way …………




This movie keeps popping up in my mind.  Might be due to Christmas is coming.  Might be due to a year will be gone.

Really love the idea of swapping home with someone, somewhere far away.

Who would leave a trace in my life?  What adventure would be?

Looks like I am trying to escape the reality.

Well, nothing to lose……