A stormy day.


An unexpected day off due to typhoon signal # 8 was hoisted.

An unexpected nice time on beach though the path to beach was blocked by fallen trees. 

Just realized a stormy day could be lovely too.   Except almost be blown away by strong wind 😛


Simply pleasure


Not sure started from when.  Like wandering in supermarket. 

Fresh and colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. Love the color, love the smell.  Energetic and sweet. 

Milk products is one of my favorite section.  Different kind of milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, ice-cream… Can’t make up my mind.

Frozen food.  Should stock some in freezer no matter what. 

Wheat products for breakfast, for snack.   Good for health. 

Candies and chocolate.  Must buy items to sweeten your life.

There are lots of other sections.  You can get most of daily necessities there.  More important, you have choices, even for the same product.  Well, you have more than enough choices.  It makes me feel like a dream place lol.   Sometimes, feel frustrated in life.  Didn’t have choices but had to do in that way.  In supermarket you are the master.  Just pick what you want.  Isn’t it good?

Pool or beach?




Going to pool or beach?

The pool is nearby. Just 10 mins walk.

Can have jacuzzi and sauna along.

No nice beaches nearby. 

But I love salty smell of sea water.

Can’t resist sea wave lullaby.

Natural scrub by sand………

Anyway, would be lovely no matter what if you were with your love

Pity, I have to choose……..

Use it or not?


A conversation at a steamy night……….

F : Better to play safe

M: No need to. Just enjoy it.

F : You still can enjoy it when having it safely.

M: No it’s not in a natural way.  I want it natural.  I want it wild. 

F : I don’t think we are ready to have babies at this stage.

M:  Never mind.  We will have ways when it comes.  And I want baby with you. 

F speechless………………….

Isn’t it an usual conversation between man and woman? 

But please pay attention.  F is Fred  and M is Mary.

Yes, it is a bit funny.  The man is trying to persuade his lady let him use condom………… 

Guess most men want to have Mary around

My remedy for cough


Lemon + honey from New Zealand + Whisky + hot water + teddy bear (optional)

Are you wondering if that’s a remedy for cough?  haha actually, it is a remedy for cold.  But found that soothe throat and sleep better.  Might be it’s the whisky!

Worth to try  

Would you share your remedy please?



It comes to a woman, a married woman.

Stated her name clearly. 

Being accused of Cheating her husband. 


Took the chance of business trip and messy around.


Why no mention to the married guy?

He cheated his wife as well

THEY betrayed their special one.

Why sent the message to a company enquiry email address?

Most colleague knew they have affair.  It is too explicit. 

Is the informant another mistress?  Did that out of jealous?