“Fake” people on internet?

a fake 

What for?

Suspect a new “friend” just knew online is a “fake” one.  He seems very polite when chatting on line.  But emails from him is long and full of doubts.  He was not really response to my questions.  I felt he kept sending prepared standard messages. 

I came across a fake person online a few years ago.  Not sure why I was so silly and gave my telephone number to him.  He kept calling for ridiculous requests.  Such as he wanted to start a business here but he couldn’t carry so much cash with him.   He wanted to open a bank account with me.  Or asked me to give him my account number, he would transfer money to me and ask me to keep it for him.  I wonders who would do so?!  Looks like a trap of money laundry.

I am so lucky.  Seems I got another one now.  How to tell if a person is a “fake” one?  Well, not sure.  But most of them do have good looking profile pictures.   Guess the best thing is meeting in real.  Or at least ask for cam chats.   It is easier to tell if a person is lying when you could see his/her face. 

Don’t trust anyone easily.  Life is full of fake people. 


Below are messages I got from that fake person.   Do you think he is a fake one?

I will really like you to know more things about myself,Firstly,family is very important to me and I’m a family oriented man but i don’t have a big family.I spend most of my free time with my family,I love the beach and the cinema.I Love shopping, camping, dancing, cooking, swimming, surfing online and travelling.I love to cook but I’m not a very good cook.I love going out to the park and play around in the park.I love the sound of beach and a waterfall.I love to watch the sunset and sunrise.I love sport and i love different kinds of sport but golf, basketball,Soccer and American Football are my favourite.I do play golf but haven’t got time for that lately and soccer too.I love almost all kinds of music and movies.My best all movie is “The Naked Weapon” and i have watched it 7 times.I listen to all kinds of songs but it depends on my mood.I dislike liers and cheaters.I dislike people that takes advantage of other people.I dislike people trying to be so meone else,I mean i want a woman that will be herself and not try to be what she is because she want to make me happy.I love spending special moment with my Kid like going out shopping together and playing around the house on weekends.Watching “” cartoons”” together and warming the bench and making an interesting conversation of any kind too.Tell me about your family and relatives.are your parent still alive and where are they?.Do you have siblings and how many?


I am g;ad to hear back from you,I live in Manchester,I will really love to tell u more about myself, I’m Divorce with one son..My ex left me and go for another man,she got got married to an African so they both relocated to Africa with my son,ever since i have no t seen my son,not until i was told my son is living with a guardian due to the death of his mother and step father…I lost my mom when i was 9yrs,She died from a breast cancer and Later i lost my dad and he die from a Car accident when i was 15yrs..My ex asked me she wanna start Business because i do allow my woman to work for any reason cuz i satisfy her with all her need..she told me she want a resturant and i told her to do the estimate and it’s a total of $30,000 and i gave it to her . i never knew she wanna give it to another man. she left with my son and left me in sadness and pains and never turn back on me..Ben is the only family that i have and he means the world to me..My son is staying with a guardian in west Africa Nigeria and am working on going to get him..I want u to know my son means everything to me and he’s all i have left in the world..All this lost i had in my life has not change me but made me a better man today.It has made me a very loving and caring man.I have learn the lesson to always love unconditionally because life is too short.So,I live it at fullest.I will really love to get to know u more better cuz i need someone to love me for whom i am and stay with my son and love us both together..I hope to hear back from you ASAP.



20 thoughts on ““Fake” people on internet?

  1. @MichellelyNg – but!…stamps foot…oh I lost this one and i know it. 😉 happy weekend  🙂 join me for fine american food such as I can procure ??  tad ordinary as I’m getting sick of arguing with with whim… simple stuf- sbreaded mushrooms in butter, steak, onions …pepper oil or if you’d step down to  pepper corns …that’s easier. simple elegance side salad whit red and green …balsamic or spicy asian dressing…oo choice…. simple spud creamy nutt  lightly chived.  game days I have a shot at one of them hosting I’ve 3 pounds of chicken wings of chicken wings to make as maple garliced chicken wings soy,maple garlic secret  simple ratios glazing joy.  if you’re a good girl…perhaps some sweet red bean onion dip for vegs tray :D, oh steak and fire cracker beans… not thhhhaaaat spicy but onion  red pepper bell! tomatos human mild chilies steam/fried green beans. you know a proper mealmeat, two veg simplicity lighter starch.red wine/teas black or green/coffee???? it could happen but the bubbly sparkling cider is happening.

  2. Lol this one time just for fun, I replied to one of them with a picture of a tent in a war zone from Afghanistan and told them it was my house. They replied telling me more about themselves and how they wanted to meet. Gotta love it. Sorry you had to deal with those scammers. They should be prosecuted!

  3. we live in a world of fake.  fake cheese, fake hair, fake boobs, fake fruit, etc. etc.   so why not be fake on the net??  it is way too easy to be fake than to be a real person.  right?  oh, an dhow do we know you are not the fake one???    lol   jkhope the rest of your weekend was grand!!!

  4. @starmanjones – hey hey hey, you made me hungry!!!!!!  Fancy about elegant side dishes 😛 So chicken wings or steak?  Red wine goes with steak……..  Don’t you think I am a good girl?!!!!  well, no tea but coffee for me please.   Hope you had a wonderful dinner and a fanstastic Sunday ahead.

  5. @MichellelyNg – perfect cooked to order steak, green beans and potato cramy luscious 😀  I think you’re right the beer didn’t excite me nor the wine however right red coffee would have done it! :D…and will do it as i think i had too much of the former 😀 😉

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