Right, the only way?

goes left 

Rush, rush, rush.

Wanted to keep going.

Don’t want to fall behind.

Have to make it right?

Want it your way? 

Why it must be right?

Feel like a big bump on my head

“When nothing goes right……….


I will try to do something left.

Well, might be top or bottom, even parallel.  Why not?! 

Don’t just fixing at right and limiting the possibilities.




I am sad seeing this on a friend’s status

“I really can not catch a breaktoday, trying to have a little Romantic Chat with my fiance and Ikeep getting distractions, Phone Calls from people like my mum, my BFF and some of myneighbours!!!! Give a me and my fiance and break please, it’s been 7 monthssince we saw each other!!!! ♥”

I knew he misses his long distance girl friend so much. 

I knew they don’t have much chances to chat or seeing each others.

He can ask his friends and neighbours give him a break.  He can refuse calls from them.

But not his mom.  He will have lots of time to chat with his fiance but not with his old aged mom.

Especially, his dad is suffering from cancer.  He should know time flies.  He won’t have much time to have his parents.   

I am so disappointed on him. 

dating site again


Still on that free dating site.

Not my purpose to tell if I got any fishes there. 

Got a message from a woman.   Her name is Kristen Mahaffey who lives in The Woodlands, TX, USA.

Here is her message ”  Just to let you know sweetheart, no guy wants you because u r UGLY”

I don’t know her.   She did that for what?  Seems she doesn’t know her heart and behavior are more than ugly.

Being spoiled


What a lovely surprise! 

A cheerful orange yellow envelope was sitting in mail box and waiting.

The hand writing is so familiar.  But again in a few days? 

Couldn’t wait to open it. 

Why the lift was so slow? 

Home.  Home.  Home.  Finally home.

Opened it carefully with a paper knife.


Another surprise.  Still remember?  

I haven’t reminded you of that.  

You know it brings more than smile to my face.

It warms my heart.  

It brightens my day.

It makes me feel loves and lucks.

You are so close though you are million miles away.  

Hope my arms could reach you and give you a big HUG.

Thank you sweet you.  XO


ups and downs


Found your heart sinking?

Something on your chest pressing and couldn’t breath?

You soul lost direction? 

Please remember.  Heart bumps up and down.

It won’t go up forever.  So as it won’t go down forever. 

When you feel down, please don’t forget something ahead is cheerful. 

Your heart pounds up and down.  You should be happy as you are living by having a pounding heart =)

Let me check your heart?  😛

eggs or bunnies?


Do you celebrate Easter holiday? 

I am not.  But I do like the public holiday, three days in a row.   And remember making Easter eggs while in primary school or even younger.  So cute.  Can’t remember what I have drawn on eggs.  Guess it was a rainbow or just wrapped a ribbon there. 

Apart from public holiday, I like bunnies too.  Had tried to keep bunnies as pets.  White fur with red eyes, long ears.  Easy to catch.  Look so tidy and clean. 

So what you prefer?  Are you hunting eggs or bunnies? 

I think bunny girls are always hot and attractive 😛

Have a great Easter holiday.  Cheers

btw, there is a real bunny in picture.  Can you find it?  =P

turn your head


Don’t look back, keep moving forward.  

Keep checking what’s in front.   Future is somewhere ahead. 

But isn’t it worth to slow down?

Might be spend times and stay for awhile.

Put your head’s up?

You might find something you had overlooked.

You might find something you couldn’t find by merely looking straight out.  

No single rule.  

Live it your way =)