a bad daughter


Have tea with Mom this afternoon.

Passed the menu to Mom after getting a seat.  She asked me to choose first.  I wanted to let her choose first.  Just to be respect.   I couldn’t understand at first.   But then she told me embarassingly she couldn’t read those words on menu……  So I read the menu to her while trying to hold the tears.  Pretended it’s nothing……..

I didn’t realise Mom needs glasses to read now. Those words on menu were too small.  Mom is getting old.

I am scared.  Just like waking up in sweet dreams.  I don’t want Mom getting old though obviously she walks slower and easier to get tired now.

I am such a bad daughter, BAD DAUGHTER!

Christmas tree



Yes, it’s a giant Christmas tree.   There are several photos of Christmas tree, which one you want?



Or this one?



Is it really so difficult to choose?  

Ok.  One more………..





Well, it’s easy to me




Which one doesn’t matter as I want the gifts under the tree only!!!!

hehe Merry Christmas to all my dear friends or those who just stopped by.  

Happy Holiday.  Cheers,

would you put your bf in jail?



Remember that lady checked her bf’s mobile phone and even used his account to send messages to his friends?

She never stopped doing that.  Was just the beginning.  

This time she “pretended” to be an “angel”.   Sending messages to warn her bf’s friends, telling them her bf is a jerk.   She said her bf is in jail now as he stolen her money.   Oh god!  Will be Christmas soon.  How can she send her bf in jail?    And at the end of message, she reminded her bf’s doesn’t have his phone with him.   

What kind of “lady” is she?  It is so annoying.  If her bf is such a jerk why she still staying with him and trying to scare away “female’ friends of her bf?  And keep emphasis she is his gf?   

I started to worry about my friend.  No matter he has stolen money or in jail.  Looks like his gf is an insane……..

Trust and respect



Have you ever spy and checked your partner’s messages or emails?  

Once you started to do that, there would be no return.  

I don’t understand this kind of act.  

If have questions or doubt your partner, why not talk to each others openly?

Even worse if tried to get any “hints” from your partner’s “friends”

Using your partner’s account or mobile sending “warning” messages to “suspect”?

What were expected from such stupid acts?  

It is really ridiculous.  

Poor thing!

Please respect others and YOURSELF!

Relationship is built on trust and respect.

Ibiza in winter……..


Ibiza, it’s famous for partying.  But does it mean it’s only for parties?

How about in winter with no parties.  Is it still the same?

Been there in the last week of Oct.  All big clubs and discos have been closed.  And even the boat parties………… a bit disappointed.



We got a nice well equipped apartment with sea view in a fairy low price.  Around 40 Euros per night only.  It is around 20 to 30 mins walking distance to Ibiza town.  About 20 mins by walk to Eivissa bus terminal.   I love that apartment.

Ibiza town


And it’s easy to travel around by buses over there.  Well, will be even more easier in Summer as more buses.

Visited some relaxing places such as Sant Antoni De Portmany which I liked most.  Beautiful harbour.


Nice meal


Wonderful sunset on the cliff at Cala Gracio


Lovely beaches, bar and pubs and restaurants in Sant Eularia Des Riu



Five days flied too quick.  Not enough to experience a place but I do love there in Oct.  It’s quiet but not dead.  Still lively and relaxing.  Well, have to go there in summer and compare.

Anyway, definitely, I would love to go back.

Hooray Ibiza in winter!!!!!!!

The best Christmas gift in my mind



Christmas is a season to share happiness and loves.  So the first priority of gifts should be “warm”

Here is my gifts list

1) scarf

Better to be hand- knit one.  Wearing my scarf just like having my arms wrapping around your neck.  So close and warm.  And being with you lol

2) shower gel and lotion



Nothing is better it reminds you of me when taking shower!  So intimate……so sweet.  

The fragrance of body lotion filled with your bedroom and you under the blanket.  Last for whole night.  So romantic right?




This is for those who loves hi-tech stuff.  Who spent most of time on internet and smartphone.   

What about your list?  Wanna share?