dare to take a test?

It’s an A-Level test.  Shouldn’t be difficult. 

But as we got older, we trend to make things complicated.  We always miss the simplest stuff.  Might be it’s due to our experiences.  We are no longer to handle or enjoy simple stuff.  That’s pity. 

More than one minute passed.  Have you sorted out the questions?  

Let’s see the answer.  Sure you would laugh how simple it is.  

Hope you are smiling and don’t take it too seriously.  

Slow down, refresh your mind, make it simple and keep smiling to have a better day ahead 😉



A love story, continue

They knew each others through a dating site.  

The guy is living in Australia while the lady is living in Philippine. 

Not chatting long, the lady said she might get pregnant with her ex. who is married.  But she wouldn’t have abortion…….  Well, finally no babies.

After chatting online for several months, the guy had a chance to visit Philippine.  He spent one day with the family of that lady and one night with her.  That’s the first time they met in real………

A couple of months ago, the lady has moved to Australia finally.  Most people can guess how the story goes.  The lady is pregnant and they will get married next month.  It’s the third marriage for the guy.

Looks like age doesn’t matter.  They have 23 years age difference.

Looks like distance doesn’t matter.

Looks like language doesn’t matter.  The guy can’t speak Tagalog but he is learning hard.  The lady merely can speak English.  

I do hope this is a love story.  And they do love each others.  


Share this “love story” with you as today is the Spring Lantern Festival.  It’s the Chinese Valentine’s Day.   Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day ❤



Sweet <3<3<3 day

No matter you celebrate it or not.  Here is my best wishes to you.  You all are sweet friends to me.

Self made heart-shaped boiled egg.  It’s not in perfect shape but nothing is perfect in the world.  It’s my real heart.

My favourite Paddington Bear and sunflower to make you smile.

Have a sweet day filled with loves.

Giant hugs

p.s. just throwing my heart out, see if anyone get it 😛 good luck to myself lol

Give someone your heart?

Only one day to go.  You should be ready no matter you celebrate it or not…..

Want a last min input?

Just can’t help but love all heart shape stuffs.  It’s warm, cute and sweet.

Saw this post on FB and wanted to share with you all.  

A heart shape boiled egg!  Guess everyone has eggs home.  It’s simple and efficient.  

Details please click the link below


Want to make it to someone special for breakfast.  To sweeten one’s day.  

Good luck.  Stay sweet ❤


The last day of year

Do you remember the last day of year? 

Sure I do as it was yesterday only.  Yes!  Yesterday was the last day of Year of the Dragon~~~~~

As custom, most people will go to Lunar New Year Market and “bring” some lucks home.  Go there to buy flowers or just have a walk to get the luck.  So most markets will be crowded.  I went to one which was less crowded but relatively small.   Here are some snap shots.  

Balloons.  It’s nothing to do with CNY (Chinese New Year) but kids love it.  So you found it everywhere.

Giant Mandarin.  It is popular as flowers, especially for those businessman.  Bigger Mandarin = earning bigger money 😛

And the green strip…..  Sorry the giant mandarin didn’t need it.  It was a strip from a balloon….. So many kids around.

Tulips, it’s not a flower for CNY but I love it.  So took a photo.   

Most popular flowers are peach blossoms which means loves and hopes.   Water Narcissus means lucky and prosperity.  

This one is special.  Can you see the umbrella at back?  It’s like a helmet.  A very special design.  Will you buy one?

Hehe must include this photo………. friends who know me will understand :P:P:P:P

And there were some booths for games like fishing…… Tried your luck and see if you could catch any.

Had a quick walk.  Finished in one and a half hour.   Then we went to a bar nearby and waited for the New Year to come.

A very good Belgian beer.  And a very funny wall decoration.  

Cheers for the New Year of The Snake.  

Hope an awesome one ahead for all.  xx


Coffee or Tea?


Normally, will start my day with coffee.  Was lucky freshly brewing coffee provided in the morning in office.  So no need to make it home in a rush.  After changing my job, water is the only drink provided by company.  So I compromised to have instant coffee in the morning except during off day or doing late shift.   Love the aroma, love the taste and smell it left in my mouth and on my lips, love it boosts my day.  

Today, day off again.  I felt so tired as was so busy over weekend at work.   Even worse, woke by sounds from school nearby in the morning.  Then had nightmares after falling back to sleep.  Didn’t feel good.   Open the cupboard and found green tea latte there.  Well, instant one.  Bought that from Okinawa.  Left it in cupboard and forgot.   Guess, I wanted something mild and smooth this morning.  It didn’t disappoint me.   Balance taste between green tea and milk.  Lovely.

Tea or coffee?  Which one you prefer?  Have a great new week ahead.