What should I do?



Morning time,

Most people are rushing to work, rushing to send kids to school, rushing to stock suppliers.  It’s busy time no matter what.

I would be busy at sleeping if had late shift the day before…………….

Ding Dong!!!! Ding Dong!!!!!!

oh did I forget to turn off the alarm?!

Covered my head with bed sheet.

Ding Dong!!! Ding Dong!!!!

oh shit!  It’s door bell.  Someone at door.

Should I answer the door when I was in pjs with a terrible sleepy in bed look?!  

What should I do?  

Guess you like it as well =)


Yes, the same sock if you remember.
Santa has sent me a letter and asked me to be a good “child” last year. This year I hope he will put something in my lovely sock. It’s cute and lovely. Should be able to draw Santa’s attention.

If you like this sock as well, please do put something inside 😛

Thanks first.

Enjoy the Christmas and New Year holiday.


My new partner


More than looking cool and handsome.

Can’t leave my hands on it……….

It’s quick and powerful (who doesn’t like power? :p), 

With the most beautiful face ( retina display), can’t get my eyes off…….

He is my new partner.  The Christmas gift for myself.

Have you gotten what you want for Christmas? 

Good luck =)


Christmas song


Christmas songs are everywhere.  Can’t escape holiday mood though no holiday for me.

Here is the list of top ten popular Christmas songs I found on web.

1White ChristmasBing Crosby
2The Chipmunk SongThe Chipmunks
3Rudolph, The Red Nosed ReindeerGene Autry
4I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausJimmy Boyd
5Jingle Bell RockBobby Helms
6The Christmas SongNat King Cole
7Snoopy’s ChristmasThe Royal Guardsmen
8Here Comes Santa ClausGene Autry
9Little Drummer BoyHarry Simeone Chorale
10Donde Esta Santa ClausAugie Rios

For me, it is this one

It’s not a song for Christmas but it is in my list.   Also, “Love is all around” is a must play song during Christmas.

How about you? 

Let’s count down for the sharing season =)


best feeling

It is so true.  Nothing better than someone you loved returning hugs back tighter. 

It could be hug, cuddle, kiss, holding hands, looking at each others eyes.

Most people say, it is not important if you got anything in return, you felt happy by giving. 

Giving is important but response is important too.

I am not giving to someone who feels indifferent.

At least I need to know if he enjoyed it. 



Only half month to go

Are you ready?

Cards, gifts, parties arrangement, dresses, heels should all are prepared?

So what’s left?

All done?

I have never had a Christmas tree.  I saw it in cartoon and in photos a lot though.  Well, helped to decorate Christmas tree (faked one) in office.  Put empty boxes which wrapped nicely under the tree.  That’s it.  It doesn’t count.  I dream of decorating a real one and put real gifts under the tree.  hehe all real gifts for me lol

But I can’t afford a real Christmas tree as I lived in a small apartment.  I don’t have places to “hide” my tree after Christmas.  So………….

I have used colorful light bulbs to make one.  It blinks in the dark.  My D.I.Y Christmas tree is lovely.  Just need gifts to place under it ………….


hurt or enjoyable?


It’s rough like sand paper

It leaves red traces on skin.  Seems hurt but not really.

Could take it as a kind of massage, enjoyable.

Sometimes, it makes you feel so itchy. 

It’s the mixture of angel and devil.

It’s a trigger of passion. 

Stubble beard.  So sexy and can’t resist.  Want more………. 

See the best example


Who can escape?  😛