On diet?!


Enjoy hang out with friends.  Just relax and enjoy free time.

But more and more friends are on diet.  Is that due to people are more concerns about their health or just because of  increase in age? 

I love food even junk food.  I think it is alright to eat even junk food if you don’t eat too much.  So really not paying much attention at what I ate at all.  Just order or buy what I wanted to.  I think it’s a kind of balance and healthy diet too.  Well, might be you think I am self deceiving.

Balance diet with exercise is the best combo to reduce weight and keep healthy.  But I don’t think skip a meal can help.  Might be it could help in short term.   By skipping a meal, it only makes you feel starving and want to eat more in another meal.  And it reduces your energy level.  Just make you feel tired and can’t concentrate. 

It is a bit frustrated when you hang out with friends on diet, especially those who doesn’t want to eat anything at all.  Just keep drinking and “watching” you eat.  I feel uneasy with that.  I can’t enjoy delicious food in front of someone who is on diet.  Seems too devilish to do so.  Am I seducing them to break their rules? So I avoid having meals with those on diet.  Or I will have something before meeting them.  Or I will avoid hanging out with those on diet friends who just on diet with food not drinks……….

Well, a bit frustrated dating with someone on diet.  oh guys, please do more exercise, cutting drinks rather than skip meals. 

Are you on diet?  I hope you are not skipping a meal.  I found no reasons and advantages doing so.

Please let me know if you think otherwise.


A sms a day

a sms  

At least once a day.

Mostly in the morning.  So just a message of good morning and wishing a great day.

Have been more than five months.

Ok no more messages during weekend recently.

Wondering if that’s preset.  So it sent automatically?

Why keep sending message? 

I thought he was interested in me.   But seems not really as he seldom asked me out.

Is he sending bulk message and see who will reply?  Is he a player?

O.K. O.K.  Might be he is just addicted to sms. 

Anyone addicted to sms?   Well, I am not. 

But interested to know what fun in sending sms? 

Is it likes an apple a day, doctors stay away?  lol

Tell me please.




It’s all dark.  But warm.

Seems quiet and peaceful around. 

But the dark made me a bit uneasy.

It should be a warm and sunny afternoon.

Why so dark around?

Felt tired with dried throat. 

Wanted to close my eyes and embraced by peaceful ambience.  I really love it. 

Cough…… cough.. COUGH!!!!!

Well.  Cruel coughing brought me back.  Had to get some water.

Argh!  Why couldn’t just lying down and rest a bit?

hmm.. no one around.  Had to get up or cough to death.

oops.  I had slept for more than five hours.  Thanks for the cough syrup.  I just took 1/4 more than instruction.  Pour too much accidentally.  Didn’t mean to do that. 

Felt good after a couple hours sleeping through full of strange dreams.  At least not waking up by cough in between. 

Couldn’t sleep well for almost two weeks.  Looks like as lovely as a panda.  “Cute” dark circle around eyes.

Had tried many ways to stop coughing

– rub Mentholatum.  almost covered all my neck and chest

– took extra cough syrup in the mid night

– hot honey water

– hot honey water + lemon+ whisky – friends told me it’s good for cold.  It is not for coughing but at least I should have a good night sleep.  Sorry I had tried a few times, not really work for me

– took a really hot bath full of steam.  Yeah.  Felt better while bathing  but coughing again once no more steam.

– lemon + salt in hot water : not tasty at all.  But it seems can soothing sore throat.

– salty mandarin :  it is an old Chinese remedy.  People preserved mandarin with lot of salt.  My mom has a bottle with “3 years” old salty mandarin.  Well, it soothes sore throat but not cough 😦

Frankly, doctor couldn’t help much.  Had gone to doctor for twice.  Still coughing and couldn’t sleep better.

The third chance



The orange cough syrup is tasty.  Same as the one I got from first visit to doctor.  But felt a little bit better after a long sleep. 

Guess taking more rest is more important than medicine.

Let me back to lethargy.

Cough please leave me alone.   


The first day of 2011

  I have a lovely start of New Year. 

Was a cool and sunny day.  See where we went?


Yes, the big Buddha in Lantau Island. 

After spending sometimes in Ngong Ping 360 market,


Just around 10 mins walk, arrived Po Lin Monastery.


We had lunch first.  Mom and Dad should be hungry.  Good to have vegetarian food at the first day of New Year.  It refresh our souls and bodies, prepared for something new. 


It tasted o.k. not as good as last time I came.  Last time, they served deep fried taro fish (smashed taro and made it in fish shape), and deep fried milk.  Anyway, it was good as a quick and healthy lunch. 

After lunch, time to climb up steps and get closer to buddha.


It is amazing. Such a big buddha on top of mountain. 



We had chance to see the Buddish Relic this time.  That museum was closed last time.  Sorry can’t take photos there.  So no chances to share with you.

After visiting big Buddha, we walked back to Ngong Pin 360 village.  Stop by and had dessert on the way. 

Then took cable car back to Tung Chung.


I really enjoyed spending time with parents.  See their happy faces.  So my new year resolution is spending more time with parents.  🙂


After sending parents home.  Time with friends cheers for New Year.


Hope happiness spreads throughout the whole year.  

How you spent the first New Year day?  Any new year resolution?

Wish lucks and loves around no matter what 🙂