What love smells like?


What love smells like?

Flowers?  Natural sweet and attract bees?

Spring?  Fresh and delight?

Summer?  Sweat and suffocated?

Autumn?  Dry leaves and sentimental?

Winter?  Chilling and cold?

Ocean?  Salty but comfort your soul?

Babies?  Milk scents?

Chocolate?  Sweet and addicted?

No.  Nothing seems right.

Smell of love is you.  Noting can describe.  You are UNIQUE!





drunk bears

gummy bear

 What flavor of Gummy bears you like?

Not orange, apple, mango or pineapple!

It is talking about alcohol!

Would you try this recipe and be a drunk gummy bear?  lol

What kind of alcohol would you add?

Have a fun weekend  




– emails were sent instead of instant messages

– it took longer and longer time to get a reply

– no hear of voices, not seeing the face for awhile

– suddenly busy

– couldn’t make you smile anymore

The list goes on……

You know……..It’s time






Not important


Was it sunrise or sunset?

Is it important?

Just knew that it’s beautiful.  It would go if you didn’t catch it in time.

Don’t forget to catch changes.

Enjoy the process rather than result only. 

Not afraid to take a longer route.  It merely means more colorful experiences.

Treasure breathtaking moments.

Move on.  Don’t hesitate. 

Step out and be behave.

The hottest event in town


Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.  Are they hot enough?


Young, cute, good figure, topless……………


Did the close up shot on their bodies kill you?


They were hired by an international brand which is going to open a flagship store in Central!

What they had to do were running around in Central topless.  Showing their “no one can resist” sexy bodies!


They made ladies here screaming and crazy!  Ladies squeezed in, asked them to held them tight, took photos and touched their muscles.


Guys here are complaining.   If they did the same to sexy women, they would be accused of sexual harassment. 

Well, I do think women have privilege sometimes