A chocolate month……sweet?!

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February is a lovely month because it is the shortest month of year……..

You know I didn’t mean that.

February is lovely because sweet smell around, because loves overflow. 

Will be Feb soon.  Are you excited?  Are you nervous? 

If most people do, should I double the excitement? 

Other than New Year, we have two Valentine’s Day as well.  The Chinese one is the 15th day of First Moon.  i.e.  Feb 6 in 2012.  A few days later, it will be Feb 14. 

What you want to do in these Valentine’s day?  Are you going to date two different lovers?  πŸ˜› 

Hope you get what you want.  Sweet February xx


2 thoughts on “A chocolate month……sweet?!

  1. I’m hoping to send a nice present via  the world as i found my  love half a world away. The Lady got jipped a pumpkin Pie when she visited here last so πŸ˜€ in lieu of crappy customs requirements/perishability/shipping brutalities, I’ve decided on a novel  work around- obtain patry crust locally – for her they exist, send pumpkin bread kit which allows a can of the pilling to be poached for a pie πŸ™‚ and a couple of breads pumpkin and to not waste the pre-mix flour and spice  add a bunch of either zucchini or carr/raisens to the other mix and voila festive yumminess with a twinge of required effort πŸ˜€ oh and a few toblerone’s as she likes them πŸ˜€ it may not make up for me not being there but at least i’ll be thought of with an MMmmmmmmm it looks like but perhaps not exactly this particular producthttp://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B002O039DO/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&redirect=true&condition=all

  2. @starmanjones – hey, the best gift to you girl is YOU!  btw, I think no food is allowed to send to your girl’s country.  Seems you put something forbidden in your gift box.  Check the details again please.  I have friends living there.  They have warned me about that many times.  πŸ˜›  Not even chocolate,  No milk products………… I am sure your girl will be happy no matter what you are going to send her.  More important is she got your heart.  So sweet =)

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