who’s fault?!


He told her he was married when they first met

His hands kept staying on her back and thighs

She pushed him away when he kissed her

Then, he asked if he could kiss her

Kiss is always the trigger of LUST

She felt guilty as she let him kiss her and did more

Who’s fault?

Aloha from Mikala


What you expected from Honolulu? 

It’s not a new tourist spot.

Plenty sunshine, clear water, long beaches, lots of shopping malls.

So is it for beach goers and surfers only?

Let’s find out how I spent two weeks there. 



I really love it.  Sweet people and laid back life there!

p.s. Mikala is the Hawaiian name of Michelle =)



It’s flying from somewhere far away

Light but heavy

It’s not merely a card.

It’s sending with loves

It’s sending with my thoughts of you

Love to let you know I was thinking of you even traveling somewhere

You are so important to me, my dearest friends.



A long holiday?!


When I was at work, longing for a long holiday.  Even a no paid one

Now I have a long holiday

My travel mate is serious sick.  I am worried about him

Can’t find another one travel with in short period

No money to travel alone as no more income in these two months

Time flying with sigh……………

Pity, that’s life.