Tea or coffee?


Not addicted to coffee or tea.  But days seems not nice enough without a morning coffee.

So a big mug each morning.  Must be hot and strong one.  Milk or cream only.  No sugar.  Coffee which tasted sweet is not a coffee to me though I like dessert so much.  Just sweet is nothing to coffee to me.

Well, can’t have too much good stuff.  Would be too “excited” if had too much coffee. My heart would like a wild uncontrollable wild horse.  And my stomach would complain too. 

So sometimes will choose tea.  Like fruit tea with honey.  Sweet and smell nicely.  Or if you want something less strong but with lovely smell.  Try Osmanthus tea.  Sure it won’t disappoint you.  Found a lovely tea filter lately.  It is so convenient as I don’t have any teapots. 

Now I can have both coffee and tea whenever I want.  Lucky me. 

Learn to love?


Do we need to learn how to love?

How to learn?  Need a tutor?

Some people said we only know how to love after hurting by someone. 

Why have to get through such painful process in order to learn?

How about if those couldn’t move on?  How about those never hurt by love?  

I think love is something inborn.   It is with us when we were born.  So we care others.  We have feelings.  We smile, we cry.  Of course, we have loves but we get hurt as well.     

I think what we should learn is how to protect ourselves from getting hurt rather than how to love.  How not to fall in love too quick.  Well, no harm if you could move on quick.  Just enjoy giving and getting loves.  It is easier to learn from mistakes but no need to get a reborn after death.  So don’t forget to love yourself.

Hope the pain will go soon. Hugs

Was talking via Skype.  Was teasing each others.  Till you stopped suddenly.  Could see the pain on your face clearly.  So worried.

Knew that you suffered from back pain since 3.  Knew that you have gone through lot of operations.  Striving for a pain’s free life. 

Old problems being fixed but new one came.  No one wants to hire you due to your back problems.

Sorry I knew should cheer you up.  I knew should be stronger and comfort you.  Sorry couldn’t help but tearing.  

Sorry to know no one around could help you move and lie down.  So had to wait for the pain gone and got some pain killer.  My heart was aching.  Nothing could do to ease your pain.

If there is god, how could life be so unfair.  How could god let people suffer for a whole life?