“Sweet with romance” wrapping

Do you know what’s that?  Something sweet and lovely.  

Have you notice the special packaging?  There is a paper box at left hand side…….

My friend took off that paper box before giving it to me.  

So beautiful right?  “Sweet with Romance”!  That paper box on left was made to protect the flower.  

Not sure if chocolate or cake inside the box.  I can’t read Japanese and it is too beautiful to open it 😛

I had been to Tokyo many many many MANY years ago before Christmas.  Bought lot of gifts.  Japanese people do wrap gifts with heart.  Every gifts was wrapped in different way, i.e. tailor made wrapping!  I was so impressed.  

You know in Hong Kong, most department stores just put gifts in a pre-made paper bag.  Then put a sticker on it.  That’s it!  Not “wrapped” at all.   

Thanks for the lovely gift Shige san.  


“I love you” day

Only 16 days to go.  Are you ready?  

I am not talking about Chinese New Year.  I am talking about a day which most people in the world celebrate. Yes, Valentine’s day.

Happy to feel love around but not the overpriced meals, flowers and gifts.  

Regardless of price or time, which place you would like to spend with your love on that special day?  An quiet island in Maldives? A romantic place likes Paris?  A Busy city likes New York?

To me, any places with my special one will do.  Just want to be with him………EVERYDAY.

hehe but no troubles for me.  No lovers 😛  


A “special” day ;)

Happy birthday to me…

Happy birthday to me……

Happy birthday to Michelle 😛

Happy Birthday to me..

I want to dance though no partners………  Still it’s my day.  

Would like to thank my parents.  Thanks for all these enjoyable years and the happiness they brought me.

My birthday wish list is long but at the top is good health.  Need it to make my dreams come true.

Wish all good health.


that funny Chinese gal


What would you like to drink?

Your answer?






Any decision?

Once I visited a friend aboard.  He brought me to visit his friend’s family.   His friend asked me what I wanted to drink.  Just to be polite and didn’t want to bother them so much, I said hot water.   His friend asked me again “Are you sure you want water?”  I was so confused.  What’s wrong with asking for a cup of water?  I was really thinking about didn’t want to bother her, as she had three little kids to take care of.  So I asked for the most simple drink.

We had visited the same family twice.  And I asked for hot water.

Guess what?!  After that they refer me as ” That funny Chinese gal who asked for water”

What’s wrong with asking for a cup of water??????


Frustrated Sat

I work in a retail store.  Seldom have day off over weekend.  I have one today.  Sat off.  Yipppppppeeee

But I have gastroenteritis from yesterday.  What I did today is taking medicine and sleep.  So far I did able to take some milk and cereal.  Better than throwing everything I took as yesterday.

I planned to go to a friend’s place and had an early birthday celebration.  

But now I am alone home, feeling sick and weak.  And I need to force myself to eat something as have to work tomorrow.  

How frustrated………



I enjoy living alone much.  I treasure the freedom, the small messy place.

But whenever I didn’t feel well, I desperately hope someone could nurse me.

This time vomit, diarrhea and sever stomach pain.

Threw out the medicine as well.  

I feel weak……..

Anyone around?  =( 

love in office

Understand most people spent more time at work than home

But it didn’t mean your partner should be from working place right?!

I think it’s difficult to be with a person 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  


seems no new topics.  The couple knew each others work well.  No need to update or share with your special one what had happened daily.  And even those information you didn’t want to share……

It’s inevitable to have arguments at work.  Are you sure you can make a clear cut between work and love life while in office?  Would you have bias to your lover at work?  Even if you could, it’s difficult to shut others mouths.  

What if you two didn’t get along well?  

Am I thinking too much?