phone in


When was your last time phone in radio?

As long as I remember should be when I was in school.  I phoned in and dedicated a song to my grandma.  That’s the one and only one.

Today, I did it again but for a totally different purpose.  There was a radio segment which a Tarot teller there, you told her the question and she would ask you to draw a number from one to six.  Then she would pick a card and tell you the result based on the number.  Normally, people will ask career or love.  Well, I do have questions on both…… But guess which one I picked?







Yes, that’s it.

Got a very surprising result.  She said I wouldn’t be able to find an office job in 9 months.  I better focus on my present job.  I would have hard feelings even if I got job interviews.

Oh no!

I will try harder and prove that she is wrong!




Not into

NewFileIt has been two weeks ,since last time I stayed over

You were away for a week.  Then I had a small operation.

Feeling better yesterday after almost a week rest.  You said “might be”, when I asked if you want to come over.  Well, not so interested right?

Then why you asked me any plans again today?  Ok, let’s have a cup of coffee but I couldn’t go too far away.  Still a bit pain from the wound……

Again, you don’t want to come over as no cars is allowed on the island I live.  O.K. I gave in, asking to meet somewhere in between…… You said meeting in an hour.   No, I couldn’t make it, needed 30 mins more to get ready and getting there.  I was still in pyjamas and I wouldn’t drive.

I asked for 30 mins more only.  Didn’t expect your reply was ”  I am already dressed and ready to go so a bit long to wait.”  I was not asking you wait on street.  You were home.

Then “quarrel” follows:

“You will make it no matter what if you want.  Other than that just excuses”

“Going to ignore that little outburst as you have not been well.  Text me next week if you are feeling civil again.”

What?  I just being honest!  Is that what I “deserved”  after missing him for two weeks.

What’s wrong?  My fault?


You are just not so interested in me.