Do you have dreams?

Are they clear enough?

Or vanished once you woke up?

When is the best time to chase dreams?







Or never too late to start?!

Never too late to share?!


10 thoughts on “zzzZZZZzzZzZZzZZZz

  1. Your picture and text does not match! I thought this was an entry about clouds. Fun fact about me, I enjoy cloud watching. Sometimes I stare into clouds just to see what they are thinking. You ever thought about how clouds get so fluffy, or how they are formed? They are just so interesting. Some days, they are lower and has lots of volume, and some days they just aren’t in the sky. So mysterious, ya know? They are so unpredictable. Comparing a cloud in a stormy day, to a sunny cloudy day is just spectacular. Like I am viewing a private showing of the world. Not to get side tracked, I enjoy dreams. I enjoy trying to maximize my dreams by going as indepth as I can by exploring the creative aspects of my mind. See what my mind has to offer by venturing into the Narnia I call my brain. Like, the times when I was murdered, or the other times of falling from the sky. I do remember my dreams and it’s fun to see what I experience from time to time. I hope to see you in my dreams. 😉

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