Get rid of girls


The best way to get rid of girls?

Just need to disappear and keep silence.

Make sure she knows you read her messages but keep ignoring.

As silly girls might believe you didn’t get the messages.  Apps errors etc……

Well, most guys are good at doing that.

No needs my reminder


fed up

I can understand

You needed to work over-time, have to reschedule dinner

I can understand

You wife do shift work, you had to be home when she suddenly changed schedule

I can understand

You are moody, suddenly feeling down and didn’t want to go out


I CAN’T understand

When you said “can’t join me tonight, because had a big fight with wife.  Don’t have mood to have fun”

I think we are good friend.  But you coming out just for having fun?

I am mad………

Am I thinking too much?

Am I too sensitive?