We dined, drank and we laughed

Looking into eyes and kissed

Holding hands while walking

Wasn’t it sweet and normal?!

Woke till you shook off my hand as you saw a familiar face around……

I felt bad but couldn’t complain.  Even felt guilty………

Was too dark, guess you couldn’t see tears in my eyes…….





Always no time to catch up and too busy for you;

Stop chatting, not even saying hi after getting into a new relationship;

Suddenly disappear when you needed help even promising he/she would give you a hand;

Hope you don’t have any such kind of friends.  If you had, please take them out from your friend’s list.  They don’t deserve your friendship.



I like drinking.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not alcoholic.  Just like the care-free feeling while drinking and chatting with friends.

After drinking, the feeling just like having a filter in front of you.  Things look different, unusually beautiful.

You are more free to talk about anything, with anyone.

And you could have excuses for not remembering anything you had said lol

Isn’t it good enough?


p.s photo showing a glass of cocktail called “Rainbow” which mixed both rum and vodka.  Beautiful name, beautiful wine.