Don’t stop


No courage to turn off hot water

Just let it flow over my body.  Keep me warm.

It’s freezing outside.

No heaters home.

Please let indulgent me.

Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.

For those who loves taking hot shower in winter ūüėČ



There are lot of ways for communication. ¬†I do forget how to talk over the phone but sending messages only. ¬†It doesn’t fall straightly to mean no “Face to Face” communication is needed.

I found that message on a friend’s social media page. ¬†He just got married a few weeks ago before his wife posting this message on his wall.

Am I old fashion? ¬†That’s not acceptable at all. ¬†Why not “talk”? ¬†Understanding is more than merely “cold” typing words. ¬†Only combination of tones, wordings, facial expression and gesture is real.

Please, we are human, not a robot. ¬†Let’s talk and meet in real.

Happy CNY


Flower blossom means prosperous, good wealth, good fortune to Chinese. ¬†So many people will buy flowers for Chinese New Year. ¬†Well, I seldom do so as I don’t have good green hands.

Went to Lunar New Year market with a friend this year. ¬†And saw so many lovely¬†Hyacinthus orientalis. ¬†Putting it on top of a specially made jar made it special. ¬†Couldn’t resist the¬†temptation.

It liked a baby, growing up day by day but in a blink


Still difficult to believe it could be so beautiful and smell so good.

It made me belief the year ahead will be with good fortune and lucks.  Wish the same to my dear friends.

“Cock-a-doodle-doo” ¬†Have a belated Happy Chinese New Year of Rooster to you all.