Steal a month

july heat 

A month, 30 days, 720 mins…………..

Going to steal a month.  A break from routine,  a break from normal life……. a break to myself.  But what should do and not wasting a second………

Go to dream places for a month.   Money becomes an issue when no income but still have to pay the bills and mortgage.  Why so sober suddenly?  Don’t think about the consequence but just do it!

A guy said will fly over 7000 miles.  Coming over and meet me.  He is so sweet.  But I don’t feel right let him fly a long way.  Take the risk of meeting someone he knew online.   Might be we should meet somewhere in the middle.  In the middle of nowhere……

Checking sites of Helpx and WWOOF.  Will Lone Pine be a member of Helpx?  Would be nice if could find a volunteer work in a koala zoo.  So I could hug koalas for a month. Too early to dream?  Sure not.  I am too old to apply for a working holiday visa tough.  Might be I should write to Immigration Department of countries which offer working holiday scheme, ask them why there is age limit for applying working holiday visa.  Is there age limit in chasing dreams? 

Not sure what I will do. But will definitely have a trip with parents.  Will never forget their happy faces when I told them would have a holiday with them.

What will you do if you had a month free?


Okinawa for holiday?

Reasons of going to Okinawa



For natural scenery




Diving or snorkeling


Japanese food set


Blue Seal Ice cream 😛








My main purpose of going there…………….



Rocks cut my feet!


I have been to four beaches during my stay.  Sunset beach, Zanpo beach, Naminoue Beach and Emerald Beach.  Only Emerald made me Wow! 

Anyway, holiday always flies no matter what.



Men doing chores


Are chores women’s work? 

Mop floor, clean windows, clean bathroom and kitchen.  Do laundry………..

I don’t do chores often. Just will do laundry once a week….. others can wait.  Scary?!  lol

Asked a friend helping me to do chores.  Actually, I was kidding. 

He said he didn’t do chores for a long time.  His maid do so.

hmmm!  Pity, I think man is sexy when doing chores.  What a pity.  Sexy man got a maid lol

Hope you enjoy doing chores 😛

Travel alone, pros and cons



1) totally free

You can do whatever you prefer. No need to consider your partner.  You can sleep in.  You can stay up all night.  No one interfered.

2) flexible

Always can keep changing your plan

3)  remember the trip better

have to sort out problems yourself.  have to remember roads and names or you would get lost.

4) looks cool

especially when a woman travel alone 😛


1)  No one to share

No matter you are excited or disappointed.  No one shares

2) Eat alone

Don’t mind eating alone.  But if you are with someone, can share more food.

3) more expensive

No hotel and air flight ticket package for single traveler.  Higher cost. 

4) No one helps to take photos

That could be a big issue!

Do you like travel alone?



“Everyone you meet comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack.”

It made me think of “Up In the Air”.  The backpack theory from Ryan.  Everyone do have a backpack.  What will you put inside?  Actually, stuff in backpack is a burden.  The more you want, more difficult to move.  More difficult to breath. 

Don’t think anyone can help to unpack others backpack.   But might be people can help each others to identify unnecessary items in backpack and throw it away.    Lighten the backpack and take it together.

Isn’t it sweet enough?

So please don’t take it as sharing burden.

Holding hands and be sweet =)