I am active in some social networks just like most people I think.  Don’t you?

Lucky have chances to make new friends around the world.  It is easy to talk to people on internet than over the phone or face to face.  Anyone disagree?

I work in a retail store.  There are thousands of customer visits daily.  One morning a guy came and talked to me.  I just replied politely and then continued my work.  Well, I was wondering if I knew him.  But I couldn’t remember his face.  At that night got a message from a friend, he asked why I ignored him in store.  Frankly, I couldn’t recognise him. I met him once in store.   He had told me about his visit in advance at that time  and we just had a quick chat.  

And this time, I couldn’t remember him  though we stayed in touch online but I really couldn’t recognise him.  Well, my fault.  He didn’t accept my apologies and explanation and merely concluded that “I have too many men in my life”.

I feel bad as I lost a friend due to my fault  He was kind to me but not this time.  I still don’t understand why he is so upset………

Friends are not forever and always……………..