Will you do that?

a christmas 

 Yes, I sent a Christmas card to Santa Claus in Finland.  

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Wish polar bears have their home back.  No more global warming.

Will you do that? 😉


Internet Love or Cheat?

a internet love 


“I’ve turned to the Internet to look for a partner/friend, because I haven’t yet met someone who has really fulfilled my expectations. I’m not searching for adventures or games, on the contrary, I hope to find that special person in you, and someone with whom I can create the family I’ve always wanted and spend the rest of my life with. Therefore, I sincerely look forward to becoming a proof that … this type of meeting possibility really works and changes people’s lives… “

That’s information of a guy.  Seems so sincere.  He got lot of girls showing interest.  He is kind of good looking.  At least charming smiles.

He told the world (on FB) he has found his love after three months.  Lot of his friends left congratulation messages on his wall.  And his girl friend thank you and “like” each messages.  Strange, that guy had no feedback on those congratulations but deleted those messages.    Is it because one of his friend asked him if he would still move to her state?  Seems he had told most girls he interested in, he would relocate there.  He even told a woman, he had been bought a house in her country for relocation.  How terrible.  That’s the meaning of “not searching for adventures or games”.

Beware.  So many bad people on internet. 


Isn’t it a bit too early?


Yes, Merry Christmas.  Merry Christmas in mid November.

Time flies quick enough.  But people still wanted to have a step ahead.

Christmas decoration around. 



Christmas gifts waving at you.   Sad to find buying less and less Christmas gifts each year.  

Still have six weeks to go.   I like Christmas much due to the song “Love is all around” , due to the movie “Love Actually” 😛  But I don’t want 2011 passes so quick.  Time passed so quick after 18 anyway………..

Still have a lot to do.  Still have a lot to do to make 2011 as a memorable year.  Need to make something happen in six weeks.

Have to kick myself computer first I think.

Also, let me push 2012 a little bit away.

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