age over 28

Lunch hour in Central.   Crowded everywhere.

Had to share a table with two “gentlemen” working in a law firm.  Not my intention to listen what they were talking.  But the fast food shop was too crowded.  A gentlemen was complaining about being cheated by a girl who he was interested in.  He found out that girl just wanted to sell insurance……..blah blah blah.  Wish I had my headphone with me.  At least could enjoy my lunch with pleasant melody.    

A statement drew my attention.  One of the “gentlemen” said woman over “28” has no market.   oh really?  Is age that crucial in a relationship?  Suddenly, I reckoned why that “insurance girl” not choosing that guy.  Suddenly, feel sorry for those two “gentlemen”.   They are so shallow.  Feel sorry for their future girl friends as well.  



why bother?


The late drives her crazy.  

She had done a lot of home tests and went to doctor.  All results were negative.  Though doctor advised her to double check the result a week later.

She was not sure if she wanted to get married

She said she was closed to family and she didn’t need a bf.  

When I asked her what she wanted from the guy, dead air……

I don’t understand and I can’t understand.  

Was she making troubles to herself?



during rainy days…..

Not knowing how to dance in the rain.  

But trying the best to face it.  

Hiding in a shelter and wait for the sun’s back?


Getting a transparent umbrella

Running outside

Listening the sound of rain hitting the umbrella

Watching the rain drops bouncing

Peering the world from the umbrella……



a little ducky

All are crazy about this yellow stuff!

Chasing memories of playing while bathing

Remember the “little ducky”?  

The little one turns to a well-traveled GIANT DUCK now. 

I was so excited!  Meeting my “old friend”  

He is waiting to meet everyone at fragrant harbour!

Almost wanted to take bath soap with me……..

Does it bring any happy and unforgettable memories back to you?  

Quack Quack…………

Why lie?!

I can never understand

Why?  Why?  Why?  Why?  

A lie will never be alone.  There are ton of lies following the first lie.

Use another lie to cover the previous one.

It will never ended!

Then, why not tell the truth but LIE?

Don’t pretend to be ignorant or naive!   “Lie with good intention” is nonsense!

You can choose not to tell but lying is not an option.

I will never forgive anyone lie!  

When you choose to lie, there is no return for being forgiven………..

sex is only physical?

Just chatted with a married guy online.  He is an expat here.  His wife is living in Europe.  He argued sex with girls other than his wife is only physical.  There is no attachment, no commitments or loves but lust only.   A way to kick away loneliness.  And most girls feel ok about it.  Those girls can just leave without hurt….. 

What I think is sex with married guys are complicated, difficult to handle.  Easy to hurt others.  And those easy girls wouldn’t say ok for married guys to sleep with other girls if that’s her husband!  

Well, the married guy conclusion is most Chinese view is strange. Am I?  I was upset.  Why most guys forget the marriage vows?  

Do you think it’s ok for married guys to sleep with other girls?