Get your sock ready?!

a chrismas sock 

Are you longing for today?

A day full of hopes and joys.

Yeah.  It’s Christmas Eve. 

A bit cold here.  Around 11 degree celsius (51.8F) now.   Yes, it’s cold for me 😛

But it suits Christmas well.  Give you an excuse to give long hugs and cuddle.

I am ready!

I am ready for Christmas. See sock is out. A friend asked where the fireplace and chimney are. No No No.  Santa will come via window!  See my reindeer on sock? He will send signal to Santa :p 

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hugs.

A note from Santa!

photo (4) 

Have sent a Christmas card to Santa Claus a month ago. 

The first time doing that.  Yes, the first time 😛  And never too late. 

Yeah, I got a reply letter from him!  Was so excited.  Dancing with the letter on hand. 

Wait wait….. I have sent the Christmas card to Finland……. Why the reply letter is from North Pole?!

Guess Santa is back to work at North Pole.  Well, he said Mrs. Santa is busy at making cookies with the helps from elves.  I want a cookie too.  hmm.. could I be a helper? hmm..

Santa is Santa, he asked me “continue to be good.  Be kind, helpful and always remember to share.”  Sure my mom would send a big “Thank You” to him. 

My Christmas is going to be a special one with the special note from Santa Claus.  And I am sure everyone will have a very Merry Christmas as I have asked Santa to send happiness to everyone. 

Thanks Santa and Elves.  ohhh reindeer as well.  Big Hugs.

Wish all enjoy the holiday seasons which filled with joys and loves.


Was that a date?

Recently Updated130 

Hot kisses couldn’t make up the fact of being late.

Not even a sorry. 

Well, a nice and comfortable place could be a compensation.

A glass of fresh berries Bellini washed away a busy day.

The second glass even refreshed tired body.  

We didn’t talk much. 

As your never missed any chances to kiss me.

Seems you didn’t notice I had turned my head and push you away. 

Found a nice view


 Wanted to keep watching.

Your hands seldom left me. 

Felt a bit regret of wearing a mini skirt.

You are nice and hot but sorry……………….


ex photos


Share and broadcast.

Can wait to tell the world what you are doing. 

Post all kind of photos.  Good one, bad one, nasty one, happy one, sad one, sweet one, naughty one………………..

Well, what to do with your ex photos you have posted when you met someone new?

Keep it? Delete it or hide it?


Fall color


What color fall belongs to?

Yellow? Brown?  Orange?  Red?

With blue and clear sky, it is lovely no matter what.


It’s the sunshine or the color cheers me up? 

















Or the smell of fall? 


Actually, not sure if that’s fall.  Was June at Ballina, Australia.



Well, guess what I miss should be the holiday and those who colored my memories…………..