Holiday romance


Are you single?  Cant’ survive being single in holiday? 

Christmas holiday is almost gone.  So did you able to rush and found a holiday lover?

One of spirit for Christmas is sharing.  So can understand a person wanted to have someone special to share loves and joy. 

Probably the holiday romance will extend to New Year.  Another big event to celebrate.  Have count down and jump in a new year together.

What after holiday when the passion and urgent need gone?  Is that special one still special enough?  Will reality kills the holiday romance?

What you think about holiday romance?  Do you have any successful one? 

Wish romance last long no matter it is holiday one or not.

Have a great holiday all.  Don’t forget share with your family.  Hugs

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year x


Only a day to go.

Still can’t wait?  🙂

Guess most people like Christmas, no matter believe God or not.

Reasons for loving Christmas

Holiday – who doesn’t like holiday?

Gifts – Yeah.  Lots of gifts.  When I was a kid, I liked gifts exchange in Christmas party.  You might get a gifts from someone you didn’t know.  A mystery gift.  Not sure I like party or the gifts.  Guess both.

Spending money – just got the double paid from work.  So have much more to spend.  You eager to spend for Christmas dinner which equals to 10 “normal” meal lol

Show loves – Christmas eve is romantic.  One of the best time to express love.  No one want to have a lonely Christmas………

Feel Santa is so close.  So do dreams.  Right right.  I keep preparing my Christmas list and hope Santa will get it and make my dreams come true. :p

Well, ton of reasons.  To me, it’s so simple.  Christmas is time for sharing.  Not only showing but share loves with those you cares.   It’s time to love yourself.   Pamper your body and soul.


Hang out the Christmas sock.  Dreams come true.

See what’s in my Christmas sock so far…

a xmas

Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and wonderful New Year x 

p.s. what’s on your wish list to Santa? 


A bunch of loves

Picture 73

Seems merely visual seems can’t satisfied me.

Need something more than virtual.

Need something can be touched.

Need something to feel with.

Sorry I know my wishes have killed some trees.

But it’s a season for spending and sharing. 

Santa’s helper (postman) sent me a “Bunch of loves”

I got them at the same day.  Thanks for the surprise.  

Can you believe some of them are from friends who I never met in real?  I was crazy and addicted on ICQ chat room .  Travel room was just like my second home.  I chatted there daily till late night.   Chatting to people around the world who like travel.  

haha you don’t know ICQ?  It came earlier than MSN or Facebook.  You don’t need to register and get an account.  You don’t even need to “find” a nick name.  You can just sign in and you will get a random number as your nick.  

I haven’t chatted on ICQ for ages.  But I earned friendship from there.  We care each others.  We support each others.  Sometimes I do feel they are nicer than “real” friends around.

Thanks my sweet friends.  Your loves warmed my heart.

I am sure our friendship will go on and have more and more 10 years. 




It seems nothing to do with you.  We always trend to think we are the lucky one.   Lucky in a sense that just like one of million dust in air.  Not easy to win the lottery.

But I am scared.  I do feel scare.  I don’t know how to comfort her except hugging her tightly.  Tell her be strong and brave.  Tell her I have a friend just won the battle.  Tell her, her little girls needs her. 

I am shivering as more and more friends affected by breast cancer or cancer.   Who will be the next?   They are young.  Only thirty something.  Have a lovely family.  But have to struggle with the most terrible disease in their beautiful age.  In a age which should be fight for better future and enjoy life rather than struggle with illness.     

Why? Why?  Why?  Have so many questions on my mind.  I am a bit lost.  Can’t find the meaning of life as it is so fragile and nothing seem in control. 

Be positive. Be positive.  BE POSTIVE.  Care and feel our bodies.  Give support to others when we are able to. 

From someone who never have a body check though she knows should have it yearly……….

Wish good health for everyone.  Take good care.