Christmas is coming


Will be Christmas soon.  Yes, SOON.

Will be November tomorrow.  So Christmas is around the corner.   Almost time to write Christmas cards.   haha might be I am not living in this modern age.  I love sending Christmas card.  My hand writing is awful.  But still I would love to let those I care know they are in my heart in this special season.  Cards are sent with my loves and cares. 

Have to start shopping Christmas gifts soon.  Book, chocolate, wine, flowers, pen, watch, wallet, purse, belts, socks…….

Personally, I prefer something practical and useful.  Something a personal can use it frequently and think about me……… 

So my top three choices of gifts

1) Scarf

Send a hand knitted one.  Scarf just like your arms, wrapping his/ her neck, keep that special person warm and close.  Sweet

2) Wallet/ purse

Have to bring with it everyday.  Sure no one will forget you lol  See the wallet and think about you 😛

3) Towel

A soft big towel.  Just like sending your caring heart. 


Actually, there is one thing I want most.  I want more than any of gifts.  It is the precious quality sharing with those your care.  Take sometimes to care and understand those you love and care.  Tell them how much you love them.  I think that’s the spirit of Christmas.


Wish you all an early Merry Christmas.  Get what you wanted. x





Is that you?










Or this one?





What a happy family a lovely wife with new born twins.   

Pardon!  You love your wife.  You love your kids but want a mistress? What?


Just get married.  Looks like your wife is pretty and sweet.  Congratulations. 

hmm…. you will keep your promise to another girl.  Going to meet up?


You are in a new relationship.  Happy for you.  Your girlfriend knew you well.  She knew your history.  She knew you want more than one girlfriends.  haha is that love?

I am lost.  I am confused.  Hey guys, do you know this word “Fidelity”?

wedding ring


Obviously, a wedding ring there.  Why three rings there?

Life long partner, mistress/ gigolo and random play partner?

Enagement ring, wedding ring and first anniversary?


Enagement ring, wedding ring and suffered?


Well, all not applied on me.  So please leave me alone.  I am not your cup of tea. 

Things I enjoy

Simple and natural.  Life is beautiful.



It is nice and sweet to have someone to cuddle. Counting heart beats.  Feeling warm and safe. 


French kiss



No need to say how enjoyable it will be.  How sweet and intimate.  Just like walking on the cloud.


Bubble bath


It would be nice with wine and light music.  Relaxing and refreshing.  Pamper your soul.  Free your spirit.


Sun bathing


Let sunshine caresses your body.  Sound of waves calm your mind.  Positive energy penetrates every pores. 

How about you?  Have an enjoyable life anyway. 


Love Actually hugging

Airport. Just 30 mins away from home.  People always said you could find all kind of emotion and loves there. 

I don’t like saying bye.  So can’t like departure hall at all.  Don’t like the feeling of separate and being left behind.  Not enjoy going home alone.  The loneliest journey.

But what in arrival hall is different.   You see the longing faces with expectation.  Parents waiting for kids.  Partners waiting for their another half.  Family waiting for their family members.  Friends waiting for their best friends.   Full of sweetness in the air.  Endless hugs and kisses. 

What I saw recently, a mom was waiting with three kids.   There were drawings on the hands of kids.  One was saying “DAD”  and the other one like “Welcome home”  hmm…. so sweet.  So explicit and direct.  Couldn’t forget the long and passionate hugs and kisses with contented smiles on their faces. Always the most basic and simple stuff touch your hearts.