forward or backward?

a forward 1 

Going left or right?

No, it’s not about left or right.  As probably same destination no matter which way you turned.  The world is round.

But moving forward or backward does matter. 

It’s New Year.  Are you still missing good time in last year? Do you still not letting good time go?  Or pitying what you missed in last year?

Past is past. Something you can’t change.  Why not think about future and make what you want happen?  

Move forward, don’t look back!

Or you would be drowned by the past.  

I feel nice about 2012, expected lot of changes.  Don’t like still water.  Seems challenges and excitements are waiting.      

Wish all a better year ahead and the year you enjoyed. 




10 thoughts on “forward or backward?

  1. hahahaha there was a statement like a net catching me at it- thinking of the present but duh within the past. naughty me  however, I’ve some fun things in the pages now and coming up. πŸ™‚ here’s a coffee to help your puroose when you’re free to πŸ˜€ 

  2. I totally agree with you. Two steps forward, 3 steps back. You will never escape that. No matter how much forward you go, you will always return to the past. Only to recollect and solidify your actions are justified in the present time. But everyone should try to think about the “what can” possibilities, not “what if”. 2012 has a lot of things going on and I say… BRING IT ON, OR BRING ME DOWN! COME AT ME 2012, I’M READY! … and I hope you are with me. I’m hoping you are apart of my 2012. πŸ™‚

  3. @MichellelyNg –  monkey poop coffeee! why be3cause when  i saw you cross my page i realized i’d disappeared a nd return with not chiseled poetry but something just in a form but meandery πŸ˜€ and thus smoother than my typical so  okay no you are thinking about monkey poop coffee and it’s symbolisms  I think you’re thinking of warmth, creamy haha josh you’ll never guess what i’m thinking πŸ˜› coffee.

  4. @starmanjones – I haven’t tried monkey poop coffee yet!  It’s expensive πŸ˜›  haha I never tried to read your mind. I knew I can’t but that’s what fun lies lol.  Will brew my coffee tomorrow morning.  Enjoy the aroma and taste.  Want one?  πŸ˜›

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