more = better?


You wanted when you didn’t have it.

When you had it, it looked like what you had wanted…………..

Am I too picky?   Or am I living in my dreams and chasing for someone not existing…….. 

Feel even more empty and lost when you got more.  

Keep telling myself.  have to keep trying.  Just the right one not around yet :P:P:P:P 

Sex/ Love?


Love first or sex first?

It is a controversial debate since ancient time.  

Most men said no sex, no love.  A guy said “physical attraction is the only foundation of a meaningful relationship.  Without it there’s nothing”

But women always prefer love comes first.   It is so insecure if someone just loving your body but not your soul.  

Guess there is no right or wrong.

Just follow your heart, do whatever you want if no one will get hurts.

Relax and easy……


Are you ready?


Always well-equipped and prepared myself.

I am ready.   

What about you?

What’s in your mind?

Thinking about the “secret”?

I am talking about Mother’s Day on coming Sunday.

That’s the gift to my Mom lol 

Mom, I love you every second, every day xx