Drama Queen


Stay calm, be patient.

It’s difficult to ask people living in cities be patient……

Am I getting excuses?

At work, you want to get responses quickly after sending emails.  Just trying to get endless work done as soon as possible

In life, you want to get the answers immediately.  Don’t want to wait and can plan ahead a bit.

After sending a message, you want to get a reply as soon as possible.  If you don’t want the reply, you won’t send messages right?

By knowing a friend had read my message without answering, I would assume he is not interest.

It’s logical right?

But a friend said I get “huffy” if he don’t reply right away…. and called me “drama queen”.

Well, there are people you want to hear their responses immediately while others you don’t care much.    It’s nothing to do with being a drama queen or not…….

I won’t be “huffy” to him again.   And I am learning not to reply his messages right away.  Not taking revenge.  Just compromise to his way……