Travel alone



Did have lot of thoughts

Did feel lonely sometimes

Did think of you

Did have moments wanted to share with someone around


It didn’t mean I was trying to prove anything

The lightness being without you.

Funny conversations in retail store


Some “funny” conversation in store between staff and customers

Scenario 1

S: Is that your card?

C:  Yes

S: Sorry Sir, the card belongs to a woman.  And there is no signature at the back of card.  We can’t accept it.

C:  My friend authorised me to use her card.

S:  Might be it’s ok if your friend was the owner of the bank.

C:  I used it everywhere.  No one asked

S:  Other people broke the law.  It doesn’t mean we would do so.

C kept blaming S troublesome loudly……….. and threw the card to S and yelling ” I gave you business”

Poor thing, think money is everything.

Scenario 2

A group of young guys coming to store after a “young leadership conference”.

S: we will help you to set up and activate the phone.

C: You meant “jailbreak”?

S:  You are asking jail guards helping you to escape from jail?

C:  But I have to pay for the apps if not doing so.

Can’t believe it’s from the mouth of  a “young leader”.  Can tell the future of that country from these “young leaders”

Scenario 3

C:  You will help me downloading music and movie right?

S:  You can download it from online stores

C:  Does it costs?

S:  of course

C yelling at S angrily : You don’t understand and don’t know what I am asking.

Who is the one not understand?

Scenario 4

C: Will it have problems through immigration?

S:  Sorry I don’t know the rules of your country

C:  How come you don’t know?  You should know that!

S:  Sorry I am not working for immigration department of your country.

C looked angry after hearing the answer.

Why people expect others know their country’s immigration rules while they know nothing about it?

Scenario 5

S:  Can I use XX card for payment

C:  Sure.

S:  How will the bank charge me?  How much will they charge me?

C:  Sorry.  You have to ask your bank for details.  I can’t answer that on behalf of your bank.

Salesman should be Mr. Know everything again

Scenario 6

A customer was patting the shoulder of a staff who was conducting a workshop

C:  How much is it?

S :  Sorry,  would you mind going downstairs to try those devices?  We are having lesson here.

The customer spoke in his language and asked the staff to reply in his language too.

The staff repeated it in the customer language.

C:   How much is it?

S:  You can try and have all details and price downstairs (in customer’s language)

C:  How much is it?

Some customers just so ego centric, can’t understand what is happening around.

 Endless funny scenarios.  Well, not pinpointing or stereotype people from a specific country though all of them are from the same country.  I do think most of them really need to act more civilised.  

another weird conversation


D: Hi gorgeous, I am D.  How r u?

M: Hello D, I am good thanks.   How are u?

D: U sooo pretty darling.  U have bf?

M: Thanks.  Single.  No bf.

D : Really?

Cool.  Ever been married?  have kids?

What’s your job darling?

M: Never married.  No kids.

D: When last time u had bf?

M : Are you an interviewer?

D : So u rich girl?

Ever have Gwelio bf?

Maybe I can be your sugar daddy?

I am rich.

M:  But you are not old enough to be a sugar daddy!

D:  I gave ex gf 15000 month salary

M : so keep buying your girls

D:  ???

We were bf gf two years

M:  bf gave salary to gf?

D : yes

M : U think that’s bf gf relationship or u were buying that relationship?

D : It is whatever u want to call it.

She was happy and I was happy

So let’s meet darling?

U passed the interview…

M:  I don’t like being interviewed.

D:  Lets meet?

NO more questions then.

Interview over

M : As u said u are rich, there are lot of girls would like to meet you but I am not.

I am not going for a job interview sorry.

D:  No interview.  We just play and start bf gf

M:  Thanks for saying hi and thanks for letting me know u treat your gf like a staff.  Give her salary.

D:  What’s wrong with helping gf?

M:  Nothing wrong.  Just don’t like what you think.   Giving “salary” to your gf.  You gave me a bad impression.

D:  Ok I gave her help.

Don’t be silly gorgeous.

It’s just a word

U see me tomorrow 12pm?

Darling, I’m good man…

I be good bf for u, if u make me happy happy.

Let’s play tomorrow.

If we like each other, we can try bf gf.  If not, then u have wasted two hours

M:  My advice is find a younger girl, they love rich man and also, love to play games.

D:  No play games.  Just play in hotel.  Ok?

A guy said he was from NYC with poor English.  Trying to use money to set up a trap.  

Wonders who would fall in that trap?  

Well, no harms for those looking for fun.  Might be just me who are too serious?

P.S.  What D mentioned is in HKD, roughly USD1950only…..

wearing bras or not?


Are they necessary?

Plains, colorful, with laces, sexy, princess one……….

For me it’s a kind of fashion.  Have to match my clothes……..Better come with a set.

Of course, need to be comfortable.  

They are so expensive, even more expensive than the outer tops…..

Recently, people are debating bras can’t help to maintain the perkiness but the opposite.  

Check out this article if you are interested in

Regardless it’s function, I think sometimes bras are not for wearing but taking off 😉