dream dream dream……



That’s beautiful.

Wish could make it stay.  Sorry, if  I am too greedy.


Walked slower.  Enjoyed the most of it.

Wishing it was an off day………

Love lying on the beaches, enjoy day dreaming while having sun bath…. 

Was not totally awake…. 

Kept dreaming in early morning


The truth was…..

Who wanted to know the truth

Let’s keep dreaming………

Sweet and beautiful dreams x


Fake people on dating sites



Photo, name, age, country

Everything on the profile is faked!


Wanted to collect others information?

Wanted to fool others?

Wanted to attract more people?

Wanted to ?????

sorry I can’t think of any more reasons.  

It is meaningless to start anything on a faked ground.  

A guy wanted to meet me in real after chatting for several months.

All lies have been revealed.

Who wants to meet someone faked and lied?

If you are so scared of disclosing your information online,  just stay away from internet.

I am so so so disappointed.  

Why, why, why, why using a fake profile?!   




Broke up or get him back?!


It was likely to be the last trip.

What?!  Last time together before breaking up?  Who needs such kind of trip?  What for?

She was trying to say good words for her bf.  Said she didn’t want to see him being tortured by long distance relationship.  Said he loved her so much.  She couldn’t stand seeing him in pain.

Two weeks later, they broke…….

My friend “Y” is so sad and hurt.  Chatted with her on Skype.  She was crying……

Poor girl.

Y still said good words for the “boy”.  Yes, her ex is 15 years younger than her……

Not the first time they broke.  Last time, the boy said broke up due to miss Y so much.  He couldn’t live without her around.  I told Y, might be he had a new gf around…….

Then, they were back together.   And “planning’ the break up trip……


Today, Y was crying again.  She said her ex cheated her.  And she scolded him, asking him to Fxxx that girl again…….

I told Y, she wouldn’t contact him again if she really thought he didn’t worth and wanted to get rid of him……

I think Y still wanted to draw her ex attention and wanted him back.  She cared about him….

So she stay in touch with him.

That’s my cruel conclusion to the conversation.

Will you stay in touch with someone who you wanted to break up with?




Love to grab ticket and a light backpack and go anytime I feel like to.

Well, that’s my dream….

In real, have to think about time, budget and partner (optional).  Don’t like planning or I scared to plan.  So normally, just made a last minute decision and go.

But this time…… still two months to go…..

Trying to find a travel partner…..

Trying to have a new experience…..

Used to have sunshine and beaches holiday……


Might be something new this time.

Any suggestions?

bright or pale colour?

Bright, dark, pale or rainbow?

I like colors with big contrast or pale one.  Was difficult in deciding the color for walls.

Colors with big contrast like “orange vs grey” or “red vs green” are so energetic.  But finally, I picked pale colour finally.  Snow white green for living room, snow white pink for guest room and snow white blue for my bedroom.  

As for sofa, I was thinking to have an orange one but finally got a green one.


This is my friend’s new house.  I love the color.  And as there are many big windows and plenty of natural light can get in, I do think bright colors suit most.  

How about the bedroom?


Lovely too right?  except a bit messy….

What color you prefer for your flat?  


ImageWhen travelling to Germany, wanted to try as many as different kind of sausages.  Remember at that time, sausage sold with bread.  Didn’t know why we hadn’t told others honestly we wanted sausages only.  So we said we were hungry, kept buying sausages but not taking the bread lol  Silly us.  Well, those were the days……

Now, so many German Restaurants around.  Easy to have German food.  But still I like sausages.  Don’t forget mustard… yellow mustard and honey mustard!  

And better goes with this







Starving to death



Extremely sad seeing this photo

Have you ever seen such skinny polar bear?  

Sure it had been suffered for a long time.  

According to the newspaper report, global warming is the main cause.  

Polar bear is forced to travel far away to find food.

But same result =(

We have to do something, save bear, save the environment and US!

R.I.P bear.  hugs