Stupid question


Most girls keep asking their ex “Had you ever love me?” .  Isn’t it the most stupid question?  It doesn’t mean anything and it wouldn’t make you feel better no matter what the answer was.

What is the most stupid question you came across?

sore legs


Have changed to retail field for more than a month.  It is tough to stand 8 hours daily. 

Have given up heels and changed to sport shoes unwillingly.  Still my legs are sore.  Feeling my legs not belongs to me.  Looking for seats during commuting.  I didn’t do that before as sitting too much in office.  But now, dying for a seat. 

Looking for ways to ease my sore legs. 

Missing high heels too. 

V. Secret


Not only women but men are crazy for it as well.

Their shops are crowded with women and men. 

I can’t get my eyes off to those cute and sexy sleepwear.  Yes, cute and sexy are in one……….

I picked an elegant sharp yellow bras from fabulous collection.   Well, elegant but cute one.  And I like the color.  It is special and eye catching.  Not sure what eye catching bras for though lol  Sadly, my size of that bright color bras were out of stock.  I asked staff there if I could take one with smaller size, but the lady insisted I couldn’t =(   

Finally, I bought an ordinary bras which were so comfortable.  Very nice material.  Felt like wearing nothing 😛  And I picked several cute panties.  One with many small hearts made with velvet at back of semi transparent panties.  And a small velvet ribbon at front.  Really cute right? 

Their packing is lovely too.  The pink and red tissue paper made it looks lovely.   Carrying the bag made me feel like a princess lol

Do you know their magic?  Why so many people love it? 




Have Lasik 7 or 8 years ago to correct my eye sight.  Will never forget how excited and delighted, no need to find glasses when waking up. 

I love water.  It is much convenient for me without glasses.  Could jump into water whenever I wanted.  Could see fishes swimming with me clearly.  I love that feeling. 

Love kissing without glasses.  Closer and intimate 😛 

Sadly, good time won’t last forever.  Had eyesight checked lately.  Need glasses to correct eyesight again.  As I have Lasik operation, better not to wear contact lens……. that’s a nightmare. 

I don’t like glasses. I don’t like my look with glasses.  I don’t need glasses making distance of world.   I choose a blur world rather than clear one with glasses 😛 



Most people have smartphone or computer.  Documents, photos, music, movies, calendar, contacts and reminders are all in it. 

If your computer or smartphone is going to die, what is the most important stuff you want to retrieve?  Why? 

Last time the hard disk of my computer died.  As it was no hope to recover anything, I felt relatively easy.  I knew there was no hope.  Might be the same applied in life.  If we knew something had no hope, we had to let go, it would be easier than making a decision or keep guessing? 

What you think?