Something is going to happen

You know it deeply in your heart though you don’t know what it will be

It is the most beautiful moment which filled with hopes

Let’s wait and see……………………….


Ice breaking

ice breaker

Hello, how are you?  The weather is nice/cold/gloomy…..   So crowded here…….

And then what?  Long deadddddddddddddddddddddddd air

That’s for greeting only.  Not an ice breaking question.

What do you do for life? 

hmm.. hmm…

Not sure why people like to ask about work.  But for me it’s not a good ice breaking question.  No matter how you enjoy your work, it is not something relaxing right?  And I tried to separate my work with life. 

So what should talk about?  Any ideas?  Please please please please please.  

Well, normally I would love to talk about travel or recent holiday etc.  Guess most people love holiday.  It is always cheerful and relaxing right?  

Just remember something, I told a guy my name.  Then he said

“Michelle, my belle.
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
Très bien ensemble”

And asked me if I knew the song.  It is quite impressive =)  Something different.

What you think?  What is the most useful or welcome ice breaker for you?  



Next destination


My first trip in my life was to Mongolia via Beijing.  That was long time ago, summer holiday after first year study in university.  But the feeling of you are nothing while standing in the middle of endless grassland still impressed me.  I won’t think I can forget.

Can’t stop traveling after the first one.  

Then almost three months in Europe.  Heavy backpack couldn’t deterred me.  Started from Paris.  Traveling around by train mainly with Europe Pass for students.  Was cheap and Easy.  Switzerland, Italy, Czech, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Greece……….

Happy could have beer in Mensa in Germany.  Mensa is sort of student canteen in University with good food and beer in cheap price!  Romantic Charles Bridge in Czech, The salt mine in Austria, of course, music as well 😛  Beautiful islands around Greece.  Stuck in pier overnight due to labor strike made me worried.  Lot of memories………..First time in my life, I missed home.

Just couldn’t stop.  Travel is like drug to me.  Normally, 2 weeks annual leave for most people working here.  I got one more week of no paid leave for Turkey, Israel and Egypt trip.  A totally eye opening experiences.  We experienced bomb attack and curfew in Israel. 

After that, separate trips to London, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Guam, NSW of Australia, Bangkok and islands around Thailand, Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, Tokyo in Japan, Nepal,Sweden, New York, Miami, South island of New Zealand, Brisbane in Australia, East Africa, Vancouver in Canada, Okinawa, Hawaii……..

The list will go on.  As I feel so small.  Need to see and experience more to make myself “real”.  Hope can travel around the world one day. 

If money and holiday are not a concern, really want to go to Machu Picchu, Peru and other part of South America.   Hope my dreams will come true.

Where will be your next destination? Actually, it doesnt matter.  What matter is you have something to look forward to =)





One free concert ticket

Two birthday dinner for friends

happy hour with friends x n times

Family dinner on Sunday x n times

Above is the list of what I missed in past three months


Morning shift on Friday and Sat free but still couldn’t find any friends available. 

Not sure if I should blame shift work or myself for the loneliness.

I am lost.


Scavengers/ pack rat/ hoarder……


Old magazines, books, clothes, shoes, diaries, teddy bears, cards, envelopes, letters, empty jars……….

A long list to go. 

Old stuffs are scattered every where in my little place.

Am I too lazy to trash them?  

Yes I am.  That’s an easy and simple answer.  And people won’t ask any further questions.  So yes, I am just lazy.

What behind being lazy?  Hmm…..

I am too greedy.  Wanted to keep everything.  Don’t want to let anything go.

They are not only old stuffs.  They are with memories, no matter good or bad one.  They are more than what you see.  They mean something to me.  Even I have to hide some of them from my sign.  I still want to keep it. 

Does “Keep it” equal to “Have it”? Silly me don’t want to know the difference.

I would trash them one day when they were too heavy.   Too heavy for me to move on.  Or till when I wanted to move on……..  

But now, they are still “belong” to me.  I have them………… 



slow down


Rush, rush

Keep rushing, keep running

Are you enjoying?

Trying to catch every second?  Not letting it passed too quick?

That’s why running faster and faster.  Wanted to run ahead?

Have you ever paid attention to things around while you were running?

Everything has no details.  Everything is blur………….

So if you want to see the beautiful world around, if you want to have memories, please slow down. 

Walk instead of run.  Take deep breath instead of catching your breath. 

Let’s try. Start from weekend. 






breath taking

Standing by my toes

Arms around your shoulders

Heart beating like a wild horse

Soft, warm and wet lips “burning” me

Time was stopped

Seems only you and me in that busy street

Couldn’t stand steadily without you holding me

Missing that dizzy feeling



flower shop or cafe on beach?


When I was young, just like other little girls, wanted to have a flower shop.  So could be drown in flower sea.  “Flying” around like a butterfly.  No need to wear perfume but would smell like flowers.  Girls work in flower shop like a princess.  

When I grew older, I wanted a cafe or bar on beaches.  I love the sea.  Love caressing by sea breeze.   Love listening rhythm of waves.  

Can’t decide flower shop or cafe and bar on beaches.  Frankly, I want both.  So a flower shop with cafe and bar on beaches lol What you think?  

Anyway, it’s Sunday.   Time for day dreaming 😛  Wish you all sweet dreams.