what kind of sound?

What’s that?  Can you recognize the sound?  Everyone should be familiar with it. 

Please let me know if you can tell 😉




Sunrise at Alishan, Taiwan

Got up at 3 am

Was freezing cold.  Around 10 degree celsius.

A summer t- shirt + a Paddington sweater + a jumper plus two trousers couldn’t make me feel warmer

Air was chilling and thin.  Might be was at over 2000m height.

couldn’t walk fast.  was catching my breath.

Alishan train

Took a small OLD train up the mountain.   I like this train.  It fits the forest much.

Arrived at top around 4:50am  Sunrise time at 5:25am

Wish could have someone to cuddle against the chilling wind!

Had a cup of hot ginger tea.  Tasty and warm my body. 

Sunrise was so quick and strong.  I couldn’t catch it even with my sunglasses on. 


Anyway, we were lucky.  Was raining so much.   Being told it was the second day in June which could see sunrise. 

Sunrise is a moment.  After the moment, it’s the sun only.  Not the same at all.

Hope you caught the moment you wanted to catch.

one afternoon in a thousand


What were you doing on Thursday afternoon?

What you prefer to do in the afternoon?

Guess working hard is not the most popular choice.

Had a friend visit for a day.  Yes, a day only.  What a short trip.

My friend wanted to go to island.  We picked Cheung Chau. 

Rushing to Central after morning work. Then took a ferry to Cheung Chau


See my excited friend?  😉

Had a late lunch after renting bicycles there.  Believe it or not?!  First time riding bicycle there….


Didn’t feel like to eat anything.  Stomach was not well again.  Might be was too rush or something.   Wanted to throw up.

But still we ordered something delicious……………


It looked tasty as well right?

My friend liked it much 😛


Found a nice beach and place to rest in between rides.


Time flied.  Had to get back for the flight at night.

Well, stolen time for coffee at Central.


Then bye bye my friend.  Thanks for the rush visit.  Thanks for the gifts.  



Lovely flowers and yummy snack. 


Hope will meet up again soon =)


French one?






U.K. or Belgium?




German or Dutch?







Can’t decide?!   Not difficult for me.  As I prefer red than beer lol

Anyway, if have to choose, guess will choose between French or German one.  1664 Blanc is not like beer.  It tastes fruity and smell like flower.  Sure ladies will like it.  Weisse, I picked a wheat one.  Very good.  Love the strong taste of wheat.    Wait wait wait, oops…….Hoegaaden is my love as well.  Well, it is my ex 😛 

No matter what you choose, have beer or not, let’s cheer for weekend ❤


Life is an echo 


Waiting for “heys” back

Not sure how long it takes

But nice to have hopes

Expecting something would be back?

Ripple is better than still water?

Raining is better than suffocated air?

Crying is better than feeling indifferent?

Being nice to others.  Not expecting they do the same in return.  Out of my control.  Not to bother.

Do that for myself.  Do that to respect myself.   That’s me.