Thanks Bear

Thanks Angel Deer

Thanks for coming here

Thanks for bringing my Grandma to a place without pain and sickness but joyful only

I know you guys will bring her somewhere far away, where I couldn’t reach now

But she and her loves are always in my heart.

Though I never ready to say goodbye but goodbye Grandma, take care till we meet again somewhere.



Good morning

IMG_0712 2I am not a morning person but I enjoy the peace which only can be found in the morning.

Not noisy but birds singing with sound of waves on the background.

It’s a bit cool in the morning but the sun keeps you warm gently.


Do you know how much I want you to be around?

Do you know how much I want to share the special moment with you?

Suddenly attacked by loneliness

The sun is still shining, I can’t help but trembling

Need you to keep me warm.

Am I dreaming?






Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 5.52.46 PM

What are the 9 most important stuff in my life?

Sometimes we might too focus on only one or two stuffs.  And enlarge it’s impact in our lives.

We should feel thankful to what we have instead of what we haven’t had.

Things will never be enough.

I keep reminding myself, I am a lucky person though I don’t have all the most important stuff in my life but I do have some.