Train is quick and easy for time management.  But it’s crowded and difficult to find a seat.

Bus is slow and always suffered from traffic congestion but you can enjoy the view along the journey.

Ferry, my favourite way of commuting if schedule is fit.  Relatively more space and quite.  Also, I love the way to pier.

Well, it’s even better if no need to commute…….. just stay in bed and have a lazy day lol




What’s in your mind when I said drinks

Thinking I am tipsy?


I love sausages.  Most of my friends know that.


One of my favourite drink

Better to go with sausages or deep fried squid or potato wedge?


Red wine, it equals to romantic to me almost ……


Coffee is a must in the morning.  Latte is an art.


Green tea latte could be lovely other than delicious!

Lot of choices right?  Actually, I don’t care what kind of drinks, I care who is next to me instead.

It’s you who makes the drink special to me!


Cheap eat


What for a quick meal?

Sandwiches, hot dog, dim sum, fried noodles, soup noodles, sushi……

Lot of choices right?  Not a difficult question

What if the question changed to ” What for a cheap and quick meal?”

Will sashimi with rice come into your mind?  Sashimi shouldn’t be cheap…….

But the one showing in photo is cheaper than a hot dog in USA.  It costs less than USD3.00!!!! (Teddy bear is not included lol)  Yes!  It’s from a take away sushi shop.  Well, guys might complain the portion is a bit too small but it fits my tummy perfectly.

Lucky to live in Hong Kong.  There are lot of cheap eats but yummy.  Well, we have   5 stars, 6 stars, 7 stars up restaurants as well.

You have options!  You can choose!


What a dinner!


Don’t like raw meat much except sashimi.  So fresh and can’t stop eating.


Sushi, bite-size.  Just fits.


Tempura, crispy with healthy feelings…..especially true with vegetable 😛  Well, that’s what I told myself.


Sake makes the Japanese meal perfect.  You can’t miss it.

What a wonderful Japanese dinner I had.