We first knew on FB?

We had been chatting for years.

We chatted everythings, both good or bad one. 

Seems you were on my side no matter what.    Tried not to addict on you.  Tried not to chat daily. 

Well, I worried too much.

Easy come easy go.

I thought was just a small fight.  haha fighting on Msn?!  It shouldn’t count as a real one!

I just asked you not to spend too much time on internet chatting with me but family.  I knew I was in poor and nasty attitude.  But I did apologize though I knew it didn’t mean anything. 

But did I deserve being defriend?

I was a bit down.  And I felt hurt. 

But that’s internet. 

Everyone can go without a bye. 

Everyone can disappear by a click. 

Everyone can turn to a stranger in a second.

Everything is unreal.  Everything is a game.

I feel cold. 



Not ready?!


A friend had dated a girl for awhile.  He liked her a lots.  But he felt she was not ready for love. 

She hadn’t answered all his text messages or his phone calls.  He was frustrated.  He thought her English not good. That might be the reason. 

I told him, he should ask her out and talked about it.  

Not ready for love is an excuse only.   Ready or not depends on how much you want that person.  You will never ready for someone you don’t like or want.

 Don’t fool yourself or others. 


What a cheese night………


It’s all about cheese, nothing else.  Leave this page now if you can’t stand it 😛



Tomato Mozzarella salad. 

Tomato and fresh milk cheese my favorite combo.   So fresh and healthy.    I like it with vinegar.  hmm… can finish all by myself.  haha I am selfish.  Don’t want to share sorry.  And Chinese said you won’t get fat if not sharing hehehe 😛 


Main course


Tomato Mozzarella pizza

See the melted cheese on top with thin crispy crust?  It smelled and tasted fantastic.

haha too much mozzarella for you?  But it just craved my cheese tooth. 

Frankly, I had deep fried cheese as starter as well.

Guess you think I am a fat woman right?  lol

I don’t care. 

I love mozzarella.   Was a wild mozzarella night.  

Can’t wait to have it again 😛

Have a cheese weekend all  xo  

ways to get someone new


 Drinks with someone hadn’t met for a year.  Asked him ways to meet someone new.  Well, that’s not my intention to have drinks with him.  Anyway, here are his suggestions

1) Do something new.  Don’t just stay in office or home. 

He is right.  Something new is the best motivation to move forward.  But I said learning scuba diving ten years ago………..Guess you knew I still keep saying so now 😛 

2) Dating site

No.  I am old fashion about that.  Too many fake and cheaters there.  No.  I don’t want to get hurt.  And I am not good at “selling’ myself.  

But he is right at one point.  Can get to know more people with common interests.   So even if that person is not the right one,  might be his friend would be.  hahaha good to know more friends.  But sorry no.  No dating site.  I am stubborn.  No

3)  stay online

I have spent too much time online.  I am on internet diet.  So hadn’t heard what he said about that. 

Seems I am hopeless  😛

Anyway, was a good catch up.  Might be will meet up again next year…………..



It was one of the ordinary.  No one noticed it.

Attention is always given to colorful flowers. 

Might be difficult to realize, flowers wouldn’t be so bright and beautiful without green leaves around.

Green leaf won’t be eye catching throughout it’s life.

Might be that’s why it had to tell others how pretty it is at the last breath……..

last forever


Could you list three stuffs you don’t want to let it go?

Top three on my list

1) Holiday

Packed my bag and travel around the world.  Never stop.

2) kiss

let passionate kisses take your breath away

3) shower

Tiredness and worry washed away with running water…………………………………..





Wake up!!!! Nothing lasts forever 😛


Is that what you want?



Teddy bears?


Candle light dinner?

Is that what you want on Valentines’ Day?

Or simply being with your special one?

Hope everyday is Valentines’ Day.

Hope everyday is a sweet day.

Wish everyone a sweet and terrific Valentines’ Day.