Dr. Love?

a heart 

What you did over Christmas and New Year?

Parties? Share with family?  Share with friends?  Rest?

A friend told me he had dated 6 women during holiday.  Sounds like he is thirsty and desperate for love. 

Well, I don’t have 6 men around to date even if I wanted to………..  And I don’t think I can handle it……. A good woman as me can’t handle it πŸ˜›

After working hard, he felt a bit discarded and fragile.    Returns not happened as quick as he expected.

Wonders if there is any medicines for loves?  Just take a capsule when you need loves.  Then all troubles, depression and thirsty from loves varnished.  Is that good enough? 

hmm.. is the feeling of love you obsessed or the person?






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