ice breaking


What a cute bear!  Simply using his paws and nails could break the hard ice.  But what you will do in real life?

Here are some ice breaking questions I found on web pages:

1. You look nice

2. Let’s talk about your job

3. What’s your favourite TV show/movie/book?

4. What kind of music do you listen to?

5. What are your life goals?

6. Would you rather?

7. Are you a morning person or a night person?

8. What is your sign?

9. What’s your favourite holiday?

10. Which is your favourite season?  Why?

Well, no matter what kind of question it will be, better be an open question.  It means not a “yes” or “no” answer question.

For me, I prefer some funny or relaxing questions like “If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?”  It is a harmless question but related to daily life.   Most important, it let the conversation goes on ……

Not sure if I am strange or too sensitive.  I don’t like stranger asking where I live or if I live alone.   Why is that so important to get to know a person?

The most impressive ice breaking question to me was “regarding of money, where would you go to have vacation with me?”    It is a sweet question.

How about you?  Any favourite questions?

Love and luck


What stands out from the photo?




A construction site?

Can you tell what is in the middle?


I am sure you know what it is though it was not completed.


Started to “hang” wheel’s cart on it…….


It is still there after the typhoon.

I don’t care what it called.  You can called it Ferris Wheel, Hong Kong Eye or whatever ……

I am sure no one can forget the first time riding Ferris Wheel when you were a kid.

Some people said it brings luck and love

Please keep rotating.  More and more people will have luck and love.


Slow down



When was the last time you sit down, head’s up and looks around?

Life is always busy, but still there are time you have to slow down and enjoy people, atmosphere and beautiful scene around.  

If not, your life would be just like a blink, without leaving a trace………

Mid Autumn Festival

photo 1-4


Kumamon wishing you Happy Mid Autumn!


Or from Line

photo 2-4

Or from me?


Which photo you like?  I like the last one….

Not a good day for me even lucky to have an off day.

Don’t want to go into details.  Only wish you guys are spending this special day with those you loved, and those you want being with.

Have a sweet one.  Don’t eat too much moon cakes 😉


Best wishes,