Why still trying hard when there is no future?

Not everyone saying “seize the day”?

Trying to make the most of it

But I am not in your plan, at all

Silly and stupid……




you don’t have the right!


Everyone was shock

Everyone was in sorrow

Except those who lost their mind

Except those who blaming other forcing them to do so

They don’t know they don’t have right to take other lives

If they really need to kill, they should kill themselves, even they don’t have the right to do so as well…

No more shocks, no more sorrow.

Peace and love needed.


Forget it


You kept asking me to bring you home.

Well, why not.  We had wonderful first and second date……

Was a lovely night though didn’t have much sleep.

Expected to have a sweet morning and noon as well before you going to gym…..

Well, you said you were too tired and better went home after breakfast, took a nap before going to gym.  Understandable.

During bye time,

You said see me again soon but you would be busy this week………

What it means?  You are having a week leave…..

Sigh.  Bad luck again.

Forget it.  Need a goodnight sleep.   Tomorrow will be a new day.