Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival


This is an annual festival organized by Hong Kong Tourism Board.


More than 300 booths there.  See the cute giant bottles?  I like the panda one.  So cute.

Well, it is more than wine, food there as well. 






















See the parma ham and cheese? Smell so strong.  Couldn’t stay long around the booth 😛  But they were tasty.

I know nothing about wine. 


Just can tell dry or fruity, easy to drink or not lol.  So it’s a kind of carnival to me rather than wine tasting. 

Glad that there were lots of attractions. 


So eye catching. 









Pity the wine school was fully booked.  Or would be fun to learn something. 


A nice stage for performance. 



Back to wine.  This was a big one to be bided by public.



Some old cars there as well.  This was my pick. 


Was a Halloween night.  A Chinese Vampire was staring at me!  But what he got in return? See his scared face?  I told him to give me the wine or I would bite him lol



That’s what I got after a fun day. 


Hope you all have a fun weekend too x




a broken 

Fix it or leave it? 

Everything has it’s story.  Might be it is meaningless to others.  But it’s my story. 

This platinum necklace means so much to me. 

I have never think of it would be broken. 

Luckily, I grabbed it before it fell on a busy street at night. 

Was thinking to fix it……………..

But I feel it would break again.  It will never be the same. 

So I just keep the ring.


Good books

photo (1) 

A good book

make you laugh

make you cry

make you miss it

make you don’t want to leave it

Isn’t it similar those you loved? 

Definitely not,  you don’t want to share your love with others but books 😛