Those were the days


Was my second home……

Well, should be my room, more appropriate.

Stick there till 2 or 3am.  Never felt tired. 

Excited and addicted.

Topics never running out.  Chats never ended.  Friends never too many. 

Holland, Belgium, U.K., China, Thailand, Malaysia, Aussie, USA, friends around the world. 

Switching between private chats and public chats.  Like dancing in different rooms. 

Those were the days. 

Just joined the chat room, said hi as usual. 

hmm… after five minutes.

My “hi” was still the only message there.  

Room was dead. 

But not memories and friends there…………………

Do you miss ICQ?


12 thoughts on “Those were the days

  1. @bambii – haha you are so young.  Icq was to the best site to meet new people around the world.  I have many friends from there who turned to real friends.  So I should day thank you.  Hope a great Friday for you =)

  2. I had bad luck at one time where every single friend  online wanted to use a different messenger! lol- then gang up on me everyone showing up at once! lol.  then literally schedule my life around 20 minutes chat… it got soo soo old- but icq? I had precisely one person ask who never once showed up.  to be honest the best chat times I had were?  aol 1999, writer’s world msn group chat 2003, pensand paper chat before it migrated off msn groups and to be fair I enjoy xanga tv thing but no one does that anymore…pity.    nowadays I chatter with maybe 5 peopleon fb, meebo on xanga failed- so the 2 I kept up with here fade.

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