We first knew on FB?

We had been chatting for years.

We chatted everythings, both good or bad one. 

Seems you were on my side no matter what.    Tried not to addict on you.  Tried not to chat daily. 

Well, I worried too much.

Easy come easy go.

I thought was just a small fight.  haha fighting on Msn?!  It shouldn’t count as a real one!

I just asked you not to spend too much time on internet chatting with me but family.  I knew I was in poor and nasty attitude.  But I did apologize though I knew it didn’t mean anything. 

But did I deserve being defriend?

I was a bit down.  And I felt hurt. 

But that’s internet. 

Everyone can go without a bye. 

Everyone can disappear by a click. 

Everyone can turn to a stranger in a second.

Everything is unreal.  Everything is a game.

I feel cold. 



14 thoughts on “defriend

  1. You better not defriend me! I will keep you warm. Lets get close so we can keep each other warm. 🙂 I like your entry and I’m here to say we can be good friends. I promise you that we won’t fight on MSN… because I don’t use MSN. 😉

  2. @MichellelyNg – Yup, we can be snuggle buddies. And I’m glad you never though about defriending me. Because honestly, we aren’t friends… we are LOVERS! lol, just kidding… sorta… not really. I use AIM usually but I do have Gmail (GChat) up whenever I am online. So I don’t use MSN application to chat. But for you, I might reconsider 😉

  3. @justinisms – hey my love lol 😛  You use AIM?  I used it 10 years ago but not anymore heheh.  ok you became my ex then lol heheh kidding.  Please don’t mind.  That’s internet you can have everything come and go so quick without a trace hehehe

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